If you are overweight or exercise a lot, chances are that you have experienced chafing. Chafing is the result of skin rubbing against skin or clothing. It can be quite painful and annoying. Chafing can occur on any part of the body but nipples, underarms, groin and thighs are the most vulnerable area. There are several ways on how to prevent chafing.

Hygiene and Clothing


Proper workout clothing

When you are working out, you should wear clothes that are made of synthetic fibers and are not too tight. Synthetic fibers, unlike cotton, will lift moisture from your skin as you sweat. This will decrease the chances of friction between wet skin. When cycling for long distances, wear compression shorts to prevent chafing between your thighs. When selecting a sports bra or vest, ensure it has a smooth seam so that it does not rub against your skin, more so the underarm. If you notice chafing with specific sportswear, ditch it and get another.

If you are active outside and wondering how to prevent chafing, wear hiking underwear instead of cotton ones. Hikers and runners can reduce chafing around the groin area by wearing underwear made from synthetic fibers. Underwear made of bamboo, lyocell, tencel, viscose, rayon and modal should be avoided. They have similar characteristics to cotton when wet or damp.


Change sweaty clothes immediately

Wet skin makes chafing worse. It is, therefore, important to make sure you stay as dry as possible. After a long, hot day working out, change from your wet sweaty clothes into dry clean ones.


Stay clean

Another tip on how to prevent chafing is by keeping the areas prone to chafing clean. After working out, clean the chafing area to remove sweat and dirt. Gently clean the area and avoid scrubbing. Instead, use unscented soap and a warm wet cloth to wipe.

Effective Products



These beautiful lace bands really come in handy when it comes to how to prevent chafing. You just slide them in and pull them as high as you want. The silicon band will hold them in place, and you can go about your day without worrying about your thighs rubbing against each other. You can measure your thighs to get the right size when buying online.


Undergarment shorts and boxer briefs

Not only do undergarment shorts offer you security when you are in a skirt or a dress, but they also protect your thighs from rubbing against each other. Fitted male boxer briefs are also perfect to wear under skirts and dresses. They offer ample breathing space and cover up areas that are likely to experience friction on your thighs. This prevents chafing by forming a barrier.

Home Remedies


Petroleum jelly

Around the areas prone to chafing, like thighs and underarms, apply some petroleum jelly before walking out into the sun.


Skin barrier balm

During hot days, you don’t want to worry about how to prevent chafing and just wish to feel free. However, if you have nothing between your thighs, chances of chafing are high. To tackle this problem, skin barrier balm comes in handy. Though initially meant for athletes, it also works well for regular people. What is even better is you can carry it around with you and use it at will.


Talcum powder

In addition to shorts and anti-chafing products, you can use talcum powder. It will comfortably get you through the day without chafing.



The antiperspirants that keep your underarms fresh and dry can do the same for your thighs. Along the area you experience chafing, apply a solid antiperspirant to stop the sweating.


Natural oils

Oils like lavender oil, almond oil and baby oil soothe areas of the skin that are irritated and also keep them from rubbing against each other.


Make your own lubricant

Another tip on how to prevent chafing is to create your own lubricant. Mix equal parts of Vaseline and Vitamin A&D ointment (a cup each). Add Aloe Vera cream and vitamin E cream (1/4 cup of each) to improve the smell and consistency. Your mixture should feel stiff, but can be applied. This will not only protect you from chafing, but also heal your skin and prevent blisters. It is also very low-budget.


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