It is a very popular notion among people of different races, backgrounds and classes that most of the major determinants of who gets cancer and who doesn't are factors such as luck, genes, and fate. But in reality, anyone can get cancer. The important point to note is that cancers develop overtime following certain choice of foods and lifestyles. So to make sure you are not susceptible to cancer, you can adopt a new lifestyle from now. Choosing to live a healthier life will help to keep you away from cancer.

Preventable Types of Cancers

According to the World Cancer Research Fund, at least 30% of common adult cancers can be preventable. This is confirmed by the World Health Organization, which also maintained that prevention is the best long-term strategy for controlling cancer. Here are some of the most common cancers that can be prevented at least a third of the time via the adoption of a healthier life style:

Cervical Cancer

Global health authorities confirm that over 93% of all cases of cervical cancer can be easily prevented. Several researches conducted on how to prevent cancer and how it can be controlled have yielded very impressive results. Certain abnormal cells in the body that are prone to develop into cancerous growths have been identified, which makes these particular types of cancers much more preventable.


Mouth and Throat Cancers

According to the reports of AICR-American Institute for Cancer Research, over 63% of mouth and throat cancer cases are preventable. The prevention techniques involved here can be as simple as limiting one's alcoholic consumption and other such simple lifestyle changes. Studies have identified alcohol as a carcinogenic substance that should be taken in moderation. It is advised that women should not exceed 1 drink of alcohol daily, while men can keep the limit at 2 drinks. One factor that contributes to the increase of mouth and throat cancer risks is obesity. Obese people are said to be twice at risk of these types of cancers than people with normal body weight.


Endometrial Cancer

It has been found that about 59% of all cases of endometrial cancer are preventable. Excess body weight yet comes up again as one of the major causes of cancer. The fact that the excess fats create more estrogen after menopause can also be a major contributing factor in this case. Different studies on how to prevent cancer also revealed that cutting down on refined sugar intake can also keep endometrial cancer away. Refined carb-containing foods, white flour, sugary drinks, and other such unhealthy food choices also contribute to this type of cancer. Physical exercises have been found to be quite beneficial in the prevention of endometrial cancer. Experts recommend at least 30 minutes gentle workouts daily. So losing weight should not be the only goal when embarking on physical exercises. The ability of these physical exercises to stop cancer development can be linked to the fact that exercises reduce the insulin growth factors in the body, high level of which has been believed to significantly raise the risk of cancer.


Colorectal Cancers

Researchers, in their quest to take the study of how to prevent cancers further have discovered that the human gastrointestinal system is most at risk from every carcinogenic substance that enters the body. About 50% of all colorectal cancers are preventable if one abstains from alcohol. It has also been found that consuming lots of red meat can also cause this type of cancer. Studies have shown that the iron-carrying hemoglobin found in animal protein can damage the cell walls of our gastrointestinal system. And such damage could easily lead to cancer. Certain additives such as nitrites and nitrates found in some packaged foods can also increase cancer risks. Keeping your red meat consumption below 18 ounces a week and reserving hot dogs for rare special events can help keep you away from colorectal cancer.


Breast Cancer

This is a type of cancer that has proven ruthless to the womenfolk; but about 33% of all breast cancer cases are preventable. Alcohol has been identified as one of the causes of breast cancer. This can happen before or after menopause. Breastfeeding your newborn as a nursing mother helps reduce your risks of becoming a victim of breast cancer. Women who have passed menopause should visit the gym more often. Apart from smoking, being overweight is the most prevalent cause of about ten different types of cancer. Staying in shape may be all you need to stay cancer-free for life.


Skin Cancer

Recent studies on how to prevent cancer have shown that about 3 million skin cancer cases can be prevented annually by simply avoiding over-exposure to intense UV rays. This will include avoiding certain sources of UV rays such as tanning beds. But you can still protect your skin from further exposure by wearing things like wide-brim hats to shield your ears, neck and face. It is also advisable to stay away from the open fields from 10 a.m. to 12 noon when the UV rays are most intense.

Ways to Prevent Cancers

Studies have shown that about one-third of all cancer cases can be prevented which makes prevention the best and most effective method of cancer control.

Avoid Tobacco

One globally identified causative factor for cancer prevalence is tobacco addiction. On estimate, about 22% of all annual cancer deaths are due to tobacco intake. In 2004, out of 7.6 million deaths can be attributed to cancer, about 1.6 million were as a result of tobacco addiction.

Several types of cancers are caused by smoking. These types of cancers include cancers of the lungs, larynx, esophagus, voice box, throat, mouth, bladder, kidney, stomach, pancreas, and cervix. More than 70% of all cases of lung cancer are due to smoking. Nonsmoking adults can also develop cancer from environmental tobacco smoke. Even chewing tobacco orally can cause pancreatic, esophageal and oral cancer.


Watch Your Diet and Exercise More

Another very important approach to cancer management is dietary modification. Several types of cancers have been linked to obesity. Eating lots of fruits and veggies can help protect you against different types of cancers. Apart from protecting you from cancers, developing a very healthy eating habit can go a long way to keep you protected from several cardiovascular diseases.

Exercising regularly and watching your body weight, when combined with a healthy diet, will go a long way to help you reduce cancer risks.


Ditch Alcohol

Ditching alcohol totally won't be a bad idea when the several health risks associated with its consumption are put into consideration. Several types of cancer can be caused by alcohol consumption. Such cancers like oral cavity cancer, larynx cancer, pharynx cancer, liver cancer, colorectal cancer, breast cancer, and esophagus cancer can all be caused by alcohol addiction. Heavy drinking when combined with chain smoking will make the risk of cancers skyrocket.


Treat All Infections Well

About 22% of cancer-related deaths are due to infections. This is most prevalent in the developing world. Infectious conditions such as Hepatitis B & C can lead to liver cancer. Cervical cancer can be caused by the human papilloma virus infection. Some bacteria are known to increase the risk of stomach cancers. The best way to prevent cancers from developing by the way of infection is through vaccination and proper monitoring.


Deal With Environmental Pollution

The pollution of air, water and soil all play a part in a number of cancer cases. The carcinogenic pollutants present in the environment are to blame. Avoid being exposed to polluted environment or drinking polluted water. Some foods are contaminated by these carcinogens and eating them can lead to serious issues. Even indoor coal fires can double the rate of lung cancer, even in women who do not smoke.


Beware of Occupational Carcinogens

Our working environment can have more than 40 toxic agents which are carcinogenic in humans. These toxic elements are known as occupational carcinogens. These occupational carcinogens can cause certain types of cancers such as lung, bladder, larynx, pharynx, leukemia, skin, and nasopharyngeal cancers. Long exposure to asbestos causes a type of cancer known as mesothelioma.


Avoid Exposure to Radiations

Exposing yourself to radiations can increase your risk of cancer. This is because these ionizing radiations have very carcinogenic effects on human beings. These radiations can cause leukemia and several other cancerous growths. The risks that come with exposure to radiations are higher for younger people.

Residential exposure to radon causes between 3% and 14% of all cases of lung cancer. One way you can reduce the amount of radon in your home is by making your home more ventilated. Despite the therapeutic importance of ionizing radiations, appropriate measures should be taken to make sure living tissues are not put at risk.


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