We all have them, but we generally get rid of this problem at the end of our teenage years. Persistent acne and blackheads can be caused by a variety of problems, such as insufficient hygiene, oily skin that needs extra care, dietary issues, or underlying health problems. Pimples are not something very easy to cure, as you surely know by now, since you are searching for help on how to prevent blackheads. Your skin needs daily care and no compromise when it comes to prevention.

Top 15 Tips for Preventing Blackheads


Rinse and cleanse

The first secret behind a clean glowing skin is a very good skin-care routine that includes rinsing and cleansing your face 2-3 times per day. You must rinse and cleanse your skin at least in the morning and in the evening to see results.


Peel and scrub

Cleaning should go deep and remove the dead cells on the surface of the skin, because those cells clog up your pores and help sebum stay in your skin to form blackheads. Peeling and scrubbing your skin is best done in the shower, when your skin is already moisturized by warm water. You can use a commercial peeling lotion or you can have your own homemade solution. Combine one portion of corn flour (not the type milled to powder but the one with larger grain) with one portion of bran wheat, and rub your skin with it. The pressure should be sufficiently high but not to the point that it feels painful. After peeling, you can skip soap or shower gel altogether.


Choose professional products

Go for cosmetic products made for sensitive skin rather than what you find in the supermarket. These are usually found in pharmacies because they are medicine rather than just cream. Ask the pharmacist to help you choose and be ready to pay some extra bucks because they are generally not very cheap.


Always remove your makeup

The makeup clogs pores easily and that is the last thing you want. Remove your makeup before bed time. Quality makeup is recommended during the day because it protects your face from dust and pollution in the air; in the evening, when you are at home, you don’t need it anymore.


Take showers as often as you can

It goes without saying that taking showers will help prime the outer layer of skin, cleanse, and remove the dead cells. Shower immediately after sweating, because bacteria love sweat.


Use products that absorb oil

You can apply benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid every day to your skin before foundation. These are available over the counter in drug stores.


Apply face cream carefully

Be very careful how you choose your face cream because it can do more harm than good. Buy a very light and hydrating cream and see how the oily portions of your skin behave after a week of daily application. Change the cream if necessary or only apply to normal and dry skin bits.


Remove the larger blackheads

You can find comedo extractors in pharmacies and some supermarkets. Use them to gently extract the larger zits and always carefully disinfect them before and after use.


Stop touching your face

Your hands are full of bacteria and dust. Touching your face obsessively only carries bacteria around your skin.


Choose your clothes appropriately

Wear clothes that make you sweat less. Use absorbent materials and go for cotton or other natural fabrics.


Use an astringent lotion

Astringent lotions are used to reduce the quantity of oil that your skin produces. In most cases, however, it is not sufficient to apply it just once because your skin continues to produce sebum throughout the day. Apply astringent at least twice a day and use a toning lotion after it. Toning lotion is meant to reduce the size of your pores.


Avoid processed foods

This is our favorite tip on how to prevent blackheads, because you are what you eat. Foods high in sugar and fat promote cell-aging and slow down cell renewal. Sometimes, processed foods can also contain growth hormones and certain preservatives that can trigger reactions similar to allergies in some people. It is best for you to just avoid them altogether.


Eat plenty of vegetables

For very much the same reason, eating vegetables is another great tip on how to prevent blackheads, because vegetables are rich in antioxidants, vitamin A, D, and E, all necessary for healthy skin. Beta carotene, contained in carrots, is another essential ingredient of a balanced diet. At the same time, a healthy lifestyle includes eating healthy foods. These will help you lose some weight as a bonus.


Stay hydrated

Skin prevents itself from aging by generating excess sebum. The cure for this is having a hydrated skin. But hydration does not only come from outside, by means of special facial creams. It also comes from the inside. The average female weighs 55 kg or 121 pounds, which corresponds to a daily water intake of 55 oz. or 2.5 liters per day for a person working out less than one hour per day. Generally a rule of thumb is 0.5 oz. of water per pound of body weight for sedentary people.


Visit a doctor

If you have bursts of acnes on a regular basis or if you have really serious skin problems, like infected zits that do not go away, it is time to see a doctor. Many skin problems are caused by persistent bacterial infections, or microorganisms living on the surface of the skin. A specialist can diagnose those and help you get rid of the unwanted tenants once and for all. Another cause of acne is the potential hormonal imbalance, so do some blood tests as well. Care for your general health will pay out and this is the ultimate answer to the question of how to prevent blackheads.


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