Quitting an addiction is never easy, no matter if a person is addicted to lying, gambling, stealing, sex, drugs or alcohol. The person who has an addiction is making the first step in becoming a healthier and better person by finding out how to overcome their addiction. The idea is to be sure that you are doing whatever is necessary in order to quit, and the necessities are outlined in this article.

How to Overcome Addiction


List the Harms That the Addiction Brings to You

This means looking at the way in which this addiction affects you mentally, physically and emotionally. For example, the addiction could be increasing your chances of certain illnesses or diseases. Mentally, the addiction could be making a person depressed. Also write down the ways in which this addiction has affected your relationships with others.

For example, have some people quit talking to you due to the addiction that you have? Also consider the financial requirements that this addiction requires of you and how this affects your daily life. For example, those who smoke often find it annoying to have to go to a designated area to smoke. All these things when written on paper can help you realize that you should stop with the addiction.


Write Down Your Commitment to Quit

Know why you are quitting and write down this commitment to ensure that you always have this handy for when it becomes harder to stop the addiction that you have. You are the only one who can write down reasons that are going to keep you motivated. For example, you want to quit your addiction to save money or to stop alienating those who you care for. These need to be deeply personal reasons to ensure that they are going to keep you motivated to your commitment of quitting.


Avoid Your Triggers

Those who have an addiction will often find that there are certain triggers that make them want to use this addiction. For example, many people find that in social situations, they feel the desire to drink no matter what. Others may find that a certain location makes them want to smoke. The idea is to know what these triggers are and go out of your way to avoid these triggers so that you can stick with your desire to quit.


Be Sure to Remove Addiction from Your Environment

This refers to taking out all those things that may remind you or even tempt you to start the addiction again. For example, be sure to remove any signs of cigarettes which include ash trays and the like. This is simply to make it easier to stop the addiction once and for all. 


Find Your Buddies

The buddy rule applies to just about anything, and when you are overcoming addiction, these buddies are who you can rely on to help you through whatever situation that you are facing. A buddy will be the one person that is going to help you avoid triggers, to lend an ear to listen if it is needed and also give you advice on how to deal with the addiction, as they too may have been in your shoes before. 


Hold Yourself Accountable to Someone

If you have someone who you are accountable to, chances are you are going to do whatever you can in order to stop the addiction. You will feel the need to tell them when you mess up, as well as when you succeed. Basically, having someone that you to answer to is going to make you try that much harder to overcome addiction, and most often helps a person to succeed at this task. 


Use Distractions

There are going to be times in which you are going to want that glass of wine, the cigarette, or whatever your addiction is. However, with distractions you can minimize just how bad you may want these and go on with your life. For example, many people find that constantly keeping their hands busy is one way to avoid their addiction. Keeping the body and mind moving will make it much easier to get over your addiction once and for all. 


Do Physical Exercises

Physical exercise is a natural way of releasing endorphin into the body to give you that feel good feeling all day. This is great for those who suffer from depression. With this being said, those who work out often find that they think better after a workout and have a better grip on the addiction that they are coping with. 


Keep Record of Your Achievements

Make note of those important milestones of being away from your addiction and how you feel at the time. This is a great way to also ensure that you stick with your goal of stopping, as you can read how you are feeling without the addictive substance and realize that life is much better. 


Talk About It

When you feel the need to start up your addiction again, talk to someone about this and let them know that you are struggling. Someone who is close to you may be able to help you get through the craving because they have been there. Having a craving is expected, thus do not feel bad about this, simply find someone with whom you can share your concerns. 


Find a New Hobby

This is one way to keep your hands and mind busy, and the choices are limitless. You can find something that is going to entertain you, as well as help to keep you away from the addiction that you have. 


Get a Pet

The reason for this is that it gives you something other than yourself to think about. Plus, it can be one reason why you are able to stay away from the substance you are addicted to, as pets are a great way to get out and enjoy nature.


Get Involved in Your Community

Whether this is donating your time to a local shelter, becoming more active in churches and other groups, the idea is to fill your time with things that are good for you, rather than with your addiction. 


Seek Professional Help When Needed

There are tons of avenues for help out there that are meant to help you get through even the toughest of times when you want to use your addiction. You need to research what help is available in your area, as there are several free sources of help to utilize. 

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