Have you ever been in a situation where you felt so thirsty but could not find that bottle opener to quench your thirst? Should you use your teeth to open your beverage? No, never. Well, you do not have to worry about a bottle opener any longer because you can open that bottle with a key. Let's find out more about it.

How to Open a Bottle with a Key

Just with some practice, you will learn how you can open a beer or wine bottle with a key. Here is how to proceed:

Open a Beer Bottle

  • Hold the bottle by the neck with your fingers close to the cap. Ensure that you have gripped it tightly.

  • Now, hold the key in your dominant hand and wedge it lengthwise between your index finger and the bottle cap. Ensure that you keep the teeth side of the key out. Adjust your grip if you have to.

  • Use your finger as a fulcrum, use some force to push the head of the key down with your dominant hand. You have to put pressure on the cap in a way that it pops it off the bottle. Do not try to open it quickly but apply steady pressure to get good results.


Open a Wine Bottle

  • Start by getting rid of the capsule from the bottle.

  • Find an ordinary house key and press it into the cork. Be sure to keep the key at a 45-degree angle. It is better to use a key that is not attached to a key ring. Keep pushing it in with some force.

  • Once the key is deep inside the cork, use your thumbs to help move the cork in a circle. Try to lift it slightly at the same time and you will notice the cork coming out slowly.

Other Alternative Ways to Open a Beer or Wine Bottle

You can certainly learn how to open a bottle with a key, but you do not always need it to get things done. There are other alternatives to use to open beer and wine bottles.

The Dollar Bill Method

  • Get a dollar bill and then fold it in half.

  • Keep rolling it up as tightly as you can – you need to make it the same width as a large screw. Fold it in half once again.

  • Wedge the dollar bill under the lid while keeping the bill between your index finger and thumb.

  • Use your other hand to hold the bottle and push the bill up. Be careful because the cap is likely to fly across because of all the pressure.


The Lighter Method

  • Get a plastic lighter and place its bottom under the edge of your bottle cap.

  • Use one of your hands to grip the neck of the beer bottle tightly and then push up on the cap using your lighter.

  • Keep changing the position of your lighter and continue to apply pressure until the cap pops off completely.


The Second Bottle Method

Key is something that you seldom leave behind, but what if all you have is several bottles of beer. Don't worry, here comes the solution:

  • You need two bottles of beer to try this method. Just place the cap of one of your beer bottle under the ridged edge of your other bottle's cap.

  • Now, jerk down hard to open the bottle. The method will certainly help you open at least one bottle, but if you do it right, it works great for both bottles.


The Belt-Buckle Method

  • All you need is a belt to open your beer bottle. Remove your belt and place the edge of your belt over the bottle cap. Ensure it fits tightly enough.

  • Use your thumb to push the buckle up. If you apply enough pressure, the cap will pop right off.

Now you have learned a few good ways to open your beer bottle without a bottle opener, but you may be wondering what to do when you have to open a wine bottle. Here are some ways to do it.


Screw and Knife Method

  • Get a picture hook and screw it into the cork. Once you have put it deep enough, wiggle it to get that cork out.

  • You can also use a serrated knife if that hook fails to complete the job properly. Push the knife hard into the cork and once it is there, you can twist it to get the cork out.


The String Method

  • Use a sharp object to create a hole in the cork.

  • Take a string and tie a knot at one of its ends. Slowly feed it through the hole using the sharp object you use to make a hole.

  • Once it is through, simply remove the object and pull the string to remove the cork.


The Bike Pump Method

  • When using that bike pump to open your wine bottle, you first need to get a sharp object to make a hole in the cork.

  • Insert the needle from the bike bump through the hole and start pumping. The cork will be off in no time.


The Tong and Heat Method

  • To remove the cork from a really old wine bottle, heat up the tong and keep it around the neck of the bottle.

  • Ensure the tong is just below the cork. Do not move it for 10 seconds. Then, apply some cold water onto the neck.

  • Now, use a towel and your hands to break off the uppermost part of the bottle. Use a funnel to pour wine.

After learning how to open a bottle with a key and other commonly seen objects, you now can enjoy that drink of yours anytime you want.


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