There are moments in life when we want to sleep, but can't; at the same time, there are moments in life when we look for tips on how to not feel sleepy because we have too much to do but are already exhausted. After a long night of partying or studying, we desperately try to stay awake during the day through one means or another, but without much success. When we are feeling sleepy, it becomes very hard to concentrate on anything; it is therefore, important for you to not feel sleepy if you want to carry on with your duties.

12 Best Tips on How to Not Feel Sleepy

It is possible to learn how to not feel sleepy when both our body and mind are exhausted and demanding a rest. Here are some tips that can help you.

Go Ahead and Take a Nap

If it is possible, go ahead and give your body the sleep it needs. This might sound ironic, but a brief nap would be the best answer to how to not feel sleepy. Even a small nap of half an hour can re-energize you and give you the push you need to get through a tough day’s work.

However, if you are at work or out on chores, that might not be possible. In that case, you might have to look for some other ways to get rid of your drowsiness.


Start the Day with Some Caffeine

After a sleepless night, starting the day with some strong coffee is an excellent tip to learn how to not feel sleepy. It helps more if you are not a regular coffee drinker, because you probably don’t have caffeine tolerance, a single cup will work wonders for your sleep-deprived mind.

If you are a regular coffee drinker, you might need some stronger coffee to work on you. Still, drinking coffee in the morning is a great way to start the day.


Stay Active

If you are spending your time sitting at the desk, it is likely that you will be feeling more tired than you actually are. Instead, if you try to remain active and move around more, you will be able to cope with your drowsiness more easily. A great idea to know how to not feel sleepy is therefore to remain as active as you can.

If it is possible, move around a little; take a break from your regular work, especially when you start to feel drowsy and sleepy. Take a coffee break or just walk around the perimeter a little and you will feel better.


Get Some Sunlight and Fresh Air

During your breaks every few hours, try to go outside so that you can get some natural sunlight and air. When you are out in nature, you will feel more alert and awake. So, if it is possible - if you are not stuck in a meeting or in a classroom - get out of the building to take a brief 15-minute walk outside.


Stay Hydrated

A mistake that everyone makes is to drink more than a few cups of coffee simultaneously in order to stay alert. Too much caffeine will actually dehydrate the body and make you even drowsier. To avoid this, drink as much water as you can; a hydrated body with enough water, especially on a hot day, will keep you more awake than caffeine ever could.


Don't Skip Breakfast

Skipping breakfast will make you weak in the beginning of the day, which will lead to craving for fatty and sugar-based foods. After a sleepless night, start your day with a hearty protein-based breakfast to get enough strength to face the day ahead.


Watch What You Are Eating

At the same time, too much fat and not enough protein in your meals will also make you drowsy. Make sure to have enough protein in the form of small meals throughout the day. If your daily diet consists of too much caffeine and other energy drinks, it is another reason for you to feel sleepy. Instead of caffeine and energy drinks, hydrate yourself with adequate water and fruit juice to feel awake.


Get Some Exercise

If you have just spent a sleepless night and are dreading to face the long day ahead, start your morning with some light exercises. Nothing heavy - just a 20 minute run, some stretches or a few yoga positions will get your blood flowing and make you feel more awake.


Take a Shower

Starting the day with a shower is another great way to get rid of sleepiness and feel refreshed, especially at the beginning of the day. If you are at home, or if you have shower facilities where you work, take a shower whenever you feel drowsy; it can work wonders on your drowsiness.


Switch What You Are Doing

If you are feeling sleepy doing something in particular, switch the task at hand to something else. Many times, sleepiness is just boredom and monotony, and if you switch the task at hand to do something more exciting, you will feel better and not want to sleep so much.


Try Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises not only relax you, they can also make you alert. Close your eyes and breathe in and out deeply, and focus completely on your breathing. After some time, your body will start to relax, and your mind will be alert. Do this every time you start to feel drowsy, and you can get rid of drowsiness in no time.


Listen to Some Music

If you are a music lover and prefer upbeat music, it could be a great way to become alert. Music that will make you move your head to the rhythm or tap your feet, will work great in getting rid of drowsiness, especially if you are commuting or travelling.


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