Do not feel like working or going to school tomorrow but lack of proper excuses to ask for a leave? I bet you've racked your wits about ways to make yourself sick "naturally" to get away from the tedious work or boring classes. The hard part about faking sickness is how to make it more believable so that your boss or teacher would buy it and be willing to give you a one-day break to fighting the sickness.

How to Make Yourself "Sick"

In fact, is not as difficult as it seems. The trick is to know the proper way and fake the symptoms to a proper degree so that others will know you are not feeling well but won't take you to a doctor.

Faking a Cold

Normally, many people complain of feeling weird a day before they contract a cold. So if you want it to be more convincing, start to fake some symptoms one day before. Act as if you are having a fever or feeling a slight headache a day before the day you are planning to fake a cold. Additionally, you should go to bed early. The following day, you are supposed to fake the symptoms of a cold. However, you should keep them mild, as a common cold is not a serious condition. Some of the symptoms you should fake are:

  • Runny nose

  • Cough

  • Sneezing

  • Sore throat

  • Nasal congestion

  • Fever

While you are supposed to display all the symptoms, you should be careful not to overdo any of them. For instance, you may be good at coughing and end up overdoing it, as compared to the other symptoms. As a tip, you may go to a party the day before your planned day of getting sick and scream so loud that you lose your voice. This could be a perfect resemblance of a sore throat. Again, it is important to pretend that you are having a runny nose. To do this, you should inhale quickly as though thin mucous was coming out of the nose.


Faking Fever

How to make yourself sick fast should no longer be a problem. Just read on to find out how you can fake a fever. To effectively fake a fever, you should know how you can cause the symptoms. Again, you should try not to overdo it. Faking a really high fever can result in you being taken to a doctor and get busted. As such, you should keep the symptoms moderate.

  • Faking sweating: To fake sweating, you should carry out a vigorous exercise, such as running up and down in your room. If you are afraid that someone may notice, you may tighten your muscles at intervals until you begin sweating. While doing this, be sure that you breathe normally. Overdoing this can make your face turn red and should be avoided.

  • Faking shivers: If you are faking a fever, it is important that you fake shivering at some point. To do this, you may tighten the arm muscles very hard. Alternatively, you may conceal some ice under your clothes. This will make you shiver a bit.

  • Faking loss of appetite: This is an important symptom if you are trying to fake a fever. If someone offers you something to eat, you should reject it. At some point, try to eat something and in the middle of it pretend that you do not want it anymore. This will prove loss of appetite to those next to you.

  • Faking fever temperature: The only way to fake a thermometer reading is to hold it to hold it close to a hot object and take the readings. However, you should not let the temperature go too high as it may break the thermometer then you just screwed it up.


Faking a Headache

To fake a headache, you have to fake a number of symptoms, such as pain, sensitivity to light, irritability and going to sleep early.

  • Faking the pain: While faking a headache, you should make someone notice that you are having some pain by squeezing the head using both hands while looking down from time to time. To make it more believable, you should also close your eyes. You may also make some noises to attract attention.

  • Faking sensitivity to light: While you may not need to fake this symptom, you should pretend that it hurts in the head when someone suddenly allows light into a rather dark room. This may be when someone suddenly opens a curtain to let light into a room.

  • Faking irritability: Basically, people suffering from a headache get annoyed easily. Therefore, you should pretend being easily irritated by minute things. No one will want to have a colleague who is pissing everyone off. This should work when you are faking a headache to be allowed to go home early. If it is at school, you may attempt to annoy the teacher. You will be probably sent home, even without you asking for it.

  • Go to sleep early: When faking a headache, you should try not to be too active and go to bed very early. You should also avoid making sudden movements. When suffering from a headache, sudden movements will hurt the head. For instance, you should get up from the couch slowly. You may also notify your parents that you are going to bed early because you have a headache. You may also pretend to fall asleep during the day. Your parents will then wake you up and send you to bed. This will make them believe that you are having a headache.

Now you know all the best ways to make yourself sick.

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