You may have already been in a situation where you tried hard to hold a fart in. While it is common for people to look for ways to prevent unwanted posterior expressions, there are people who do the opposite. They look for ways to make themselves fart. Are you also among them? Do not worry; there are many ways to help you do just that.

How to Make Yourself Fart


The All-Four Method

For some people, it is quite easy to pass gas or fart. For others, it is not that simple.

  • Be on your hands and knees.

  • Lift your butt up in the air and place your head on the flood.

  • Now, inhale deeply to make your chest flat.

  • Be in this position for a few seconds and you will eventually experience sensations of air coming out of your ass. Push it further and you will fart!

You can use this method to fart at will and try it when you find it difficult to pass gas for any reason. However, if this method does not work, you can always learn others ways.


The Inhale-with-Your-Butt Method

This is another simple way to learn how to make yourself fart. While lying on a bed, pull your legs up towards your head. Relax your rectum and feel as if you are inhaling through your butt. Continue with this and maintain this posture until you feel a fart coming on.


Drink Carbonated Beverages

You actually need to drink loads of them to have a fart. These drinks contain high fructose corn syrup that your digestive tract cannot break down easily. While these beverages may make you fart, you will have a foul-smelling fart and even end up putting layers of fat around your midsection.


Eat Gas-Inducing Food

By including gas-inducing food in your diet, you will understand exactly how to make yourself fart. Here are some of the best foods to include for this purpose:

  • Beans: Eating beans will give you some real gas. You can increase your chances of indigestion and getting gas by eating red kidney beans or pinto beans.

  • Grains: Eating grains like beans and rice with bread and then eating an apple an hour later will give you bad gas. This happens because your stomach acids are already breaking down gas and cannot digest fruit at the same time. Eating grains twice a day will also help.

  • Dairy products: Include dairy products like milk in your diet to get gas. These products contain loads of lactose that can give you bad gas.

  • Eat fruits: Certain fruits like cherries, grapes, apples, peaches, and prunes can increase gas production in your stomach. That is mainly because they contain sorbitol. These fruits also contain fiber that can produce gas when digested in the large intestine.

  • Green vegetables: Asparagus, green peas, Brussels sprouts, broccoli and many other green vegetables can cause gas. They are high in fiber, so can make your large intestine to produce more gas.

  • Nuts: Eating nuts is another great way to learn how to make yourself fart. Since nuts are loaded with healthy fat, protein, and fiber, they make you feel full quickly. It is not easy for your digestive system to digest these nus, which leads to the production of gas.

  • Pickled or mild condiments: Enjoy these to turn your stomach into a gas-producing factory. The most common condiments known for producing gas are jelly, jam, and salad dressings that are high in sugar.

  • Sugar-free sweets: You end up swallowing more air when you chew sugar-free gum or suck on a hard candy. This excess air will contribute to flatulence.


Try Some Poses

If you eat certain gas-producing food and learn to make some specific poses, you are sure to make yourself fart whenever you want. Here are some poses to try:

  • Seated forward fold: Simply sit in a chair and move forward to touch your toes or ankles. This will definitely put strain on your body but will help you fart and release gas.

  • Knee to chest: Simply lifting your knees to your chest, which is the pose of negative energy, will help you fart easily.

  • Haka pose: The pose involves squatting, so it is natural to feel the urge to fart. The pose is relatively intense, but that makes it more effective too.

  • Supine core exercises: You can try several exercises to engage your core and learn how to make yourself fart. The most common options are leg lifts or supine bicycle that use the muscles in your stomach and make it easier for you to fart. Be sure to look straightforward or up at the ceiling all the time.


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