Knowing how to cry on the spot or fake cry is one of those life skills that can be valuable in certain situations. For example, anyone who is interested in pursuing an acting career knows that the ability to convincingly cry on cue is one of the best assets you can have in the audition process. Alternatively, if you are just an everyday person then you might be interested in learning this technique as a way to manipulate tough situations such as an argument with parents, friends, or significant others.

8 Ways to Make Yourself Cry

There are several different methods of how to make yourself cry. You will need to test out each one to determine which works best for you.

Dab Menthol

The effervescing nature of menthol causes your eyes to water instantly upon breathing it in. You can purchase menthol at most drugstores or online. Alternatively, some individuals like to use a chest rub or chapstick that already comes with menthol in it.

  • To make yourself cry, you will start by dabbing some of the product onto a tissue which is to be kept on your person. Try to focus the solution towards one corner of the cloth to make it easier to get close to your eyes.

  • When it comes time to fake cry, start by showing your own facial expressions of emotion. Next, reach for the tissue and blot it just below the eye, taking caution not to get the residue into the eye. While it looks like you are wiping away the tears, you are actually triggering them.


Try Peppers

Fresh, hot peppers can cause your eyes to water substantially which is why they are good to have on hand for how to make yourself cry. Consider habanero, jalapeno, or Thai chili peppers for this method. There are two approaches:

  • First, eat a small bite of the pepper before it is time to cry. It only takes the release of the juice inside the pepper on the inside of your mouth to start the water works.

  • Second, slice the pepper open and run your fingers along the inside where the juice is. The residue will stay on your fingertips for some time. When it comes time to cry, simply rub around your eyes with your fingers. Take special care not to rub the juice into your eye as this may hurt.


Use Eye Drops

This option is ideal if you need to cry for a photograph. Simply use one finger to pull down the bottom eye lid and squirt two or three drops of the liquid into your eye. Tears will naturally form in response to the saline in the eye drops.


Cause Irritation to Eyes

Eyes respond with tears anytime there is irritation to them. This is the body's way of washing away whatever is causing the irritation. It is possible to trigger this response using the following methods.

  • Keep your eyes wide open without blinking for a period of time. This will cause the eyes to dry out and tears to form as lubrication.

  • You can carefully touch your eye with your fingertip.

  • Pull the upper eyelid over top of the bottom lid. This creates an air pocket which results in tears.

  • Another common approach is to rub your eyes. Start by closing one eye and carefully rub the length of your finger against it for approximately 20 seconds. You want to apply just a little bit of pressure to help trigger the tears.


Bite the Lip

We cannot discuss how to make yourself cry without mentioning biting the inside of your lip. This particular approach is ideal when you are in an interview because, with practice, you can master biting the interior while you are talking. It may help to hold your nose and focus on the biting motion, but if you are biting the inside of your cheek or grinding the sensitive tissue between your teeth, then you will being to cry.


Incorporate Other Body Movements

Sometimes eyes start to water for seemingly no reason at all. Typically this involves the use of other parts of your body.

  • For example, yawning repeatedly can cause your eyes to water because it causes a strain on oxygen flow, which triggers the water works.

  • Another option is to constrict breathing to the back of the throat. Again, the restriction of oxygen is what triggers the tears.

  • Lastly, you can discretely try to pinch yourself in sensitive areas such as under the eye lids, the back of the arm, or even in the chest area.


Cut an Onion

Everyone knows that cutting an onion is an easy way to make an individual cry. To do this on cue, you will want to slice the onion ahead of time and perhaps keep it in your shirt pocket. Wrap in a tissue or handkerchief, when the time comes, simply pull it out and bring it up to your eyes, letting the onion fumes do the rest of the work.


Put Yourself Back to Previous Crying Moments

Recreating an intense moment in your life is another option for how to make yourself cry. To do this, you should put yourself in a situation that brings back that specific memory. Keep in mind that you are engaging your sensory memory in this part which will require you to use all five senses – touch, smell, taste, hear, and see. You will want to fake all the movements of actually crying, including the staggered breathing and heaving. Adapt the scenario to your current life but focus on how you were feeling when you were in that vulnerable position before.


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