Always wanted a raspy voice and wondered how to get one? Let me tell you that it’s totally possible to achieve one. If you naturally don’t have a raspy voice, you can fake it for a few minutes but keep in mind that it is not good for your voice health. A lot of people like raspy voices because they are unique, compelling and seen as attractive. Some famous people who are admired for their raspy voices are: Steven Tyler, Louis Armstrong and Janis Joplin. Read the tips below on how to make your voice raspy.

6 Effective Ways to Make Your Voice Raspy


Screaming and shouting

Convince a friend or family member to have a shouting match with you and really go for it. Scream any time you have the opportunity to and shout when you want to get somebody’s attention.


Singing loudly

Switch on the radio and tune into your favourite station and sing extremely loud.


Yell into a pillow

To strain your vocal chords, get a pillow and scream really loud into it. Thinking of someone you really dislike or hate can help you scream as hard as possible.


Get a raspy voice through range limitation

Speaking in a raspy tone of voice takes practice and training. For this method of how to make your voice raspy, coach your voice to project itself in a tone naturally very low to you, then you will get the voice you want. Start by repeating a word in the lowest vocal range possible and focus on the feeling of it. Then say a few more words in a deep voice. Do this daily and you will soon get the raspy tone of voice you desire.


Get a raspy voice through breathing exercises

Your voice is affected by the air that travels through your larynx. Training your voice with breathing exercises really helps. One way to make your voice raspy is by taking a deep breath and holding it in for a couple of seconds. Afterwards, exhale slowly and quite loud too. Your lungs will empty and heavy and your voice will be strained. Doing this for 15-20 minutes every day is key in how to get a raspy voice.



Gargle a solution of lemon juice and vinegar. This will irritate your throat thus making it raspier and “scratchier”.

How to Make Your Voice Raspy for Singing

How to make your singing voice raspy like a good singer

You can achieve a voice like a good singer by using technology (in the studio) or following the “restricted vocal cord” style. With the restricted vocal cord style, it is advisable to only sing with that vocal range for a short while only. With studio technology, it can be achieved through the skills of your sound engineer.


  • You can get a raspy voice through repeated coughing because coughing puts strain on your larynx during the process.

  • You can use studio technology to solve how to make your voice raspy while singing. It is very easy to achieve a raspy voice in the studio. Thanks to technology, you don’t even have to have a raspy voice as your sound engineer can do it for you.


  • You can damage your vocal cords from yelling and screaming too hard. If you find that your throat is sore from shouting then try and drink some tea to assist your throat recovery.

Myth About Morning Hoarseness: Can You Keep It All Day?

That deep voice we all get in the morning is something people often get confused with hoarseness when it actually isn’t. Hoarseness is actually a result of your larynx or vocal cords being inflamed. The reason our voice sound hoarse or raspy when we first wake up in the morning is because when we sleep, mucus gather around our vocal cords due to us not using it during the night and our throat tissues collect fluid too. For people who sleep with their mouths open, their vocal cords can become dry, which is another reason why you can sound raspy in the morning.

Another reason why we get a raspy voice is because of acid reflux; when the acids in your stomach shoot up your oesophagus. If you eat a spicy meal before sleeping it can cause acid reflux. If you don’t want a raspy voice when you wake up in the morning then you can try sleeping but with an elevated head.

If you don’t like the sound of your voice in the morning you are actually quite lucky because a raspy morning voice disappears soon after you wake up anyway. Also, you can always drink two cups of water with a dash of lemon before taking your morning tea or coffee. When you step into the shower, the warmth and the steam can help relax your throat and wake your voice up.


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