Our bedrooms are not only places where we sleep, but also where we relax at the end of the day, and wake up to a new beginning the next morning. It is extremely important that your bedroom is the safe haven that you need it to be, and for that, you need to know how to make your room smell good. A clean and fresh bedroom is essential for you to relax in, and it is also important that you keep it smelling good and hygienic.

12 Easy Ways to Make Your Room Smell Good

Knowing how to make your room smell good is an integral part of keeping your house comforting and beautiful. Here are 12 easy ways how you can do this.

Keep Your Bed Clean

The most important part of your room is undoubtedly, your bed. If you want to learn how to make your room smell good, you have to keep your bed clean. Change your bed sheets and your pillow covers every week, more if possible; dry clean your blanket every few weeks, or hang it under the sun every few weeks. Avoid eating in bed, because crumbs and bits of food stuck in your bed would cause it to smell bad.


Your Bedroom Should Be a No-Smoking Zone

Do you smoke in your bedroom? Or does anyone else? If that's the case, you need to immediately put a stop to that, if you want to know how to make your room smell good. The smoke from your cigarettes lingers inside the room, as well as inside the walls, and makes your room always smell. Quit smoking altogether, or make sure you only smoke outside the bedroom at least.


Don't Eat in Your Bedroom

Are you fond of eating at bed, or in the bedroom? Are you fond of midnight snacking? This is probably one of the reasons your bedroom smells bad, then. Forgotten coffee mugs under the bed, chocolate wrappers behind the bed, forgotten bag of chips in the bedside table - throw them all away if you want to learn how to make your room smell good. At the same time, avoid eating and drinking inside the bedroom; your dining table is there for a reason!


Don't Store Garbage in Your Room

Many of us keep a small garbage can in our rooms, just to throw away the regular junk a few times during the day. If not taken out frequently, these non-existent garbage cans can stink up the room. Empty your garbage cans regularly, or remove it from your bedroom.


Avoid Shoes in Your Room

Opening your shoes inside the bedroom after a long day at work or wearing shoes inside your bedroom - both habits add to unwanted smell and dirt to your room. When you are returning home from the outside world, you are bringing in a lot of external dirt, as well as your own feet's smell after hours of confinement. Therefore, it is better to keep your shoes away from your bedroom and, if possible, to wash your feet before you come inside the room.


Keep Your Unwashed Clothes Away

Changing your clothes, before taking a shower or after returning from work, and keeping them in the bedroom could result in unwanted smell in your room. Keep your dirty clothes in an airtight cloth hamper or outside your room if you don’t want your bedroom to smell like you do when you sweat.


Use Carpet Fresheners for Your Carpets

If you have carpets in your bedroom, just dusting them or airing them won't work. You need a strong carpet cleaner to take care of the odor and dirt that are absorbed by your carpets, as well as to keep it smelling fresh and clean. Both scented and unscented carpet cleaners are available in the market; besides, it is possible to make carpet cleaning liquid with the help of baking soda, essential oil and perfumed herbs.


Keep Your Room Airy and Open

If you have windows in your bedroom, use them. Let fresh air and sunlight come into your bedroom, and also let any bad odor get out of the room through the open windows. Placing a plant with fragrant flowers in your window sill will bring perfumed air inside your room.


Keep Aromatic Candles in Your Room

A natural way to make your room smell good would be to place aromatic candles in your bedroom - not too many, but enough to add some fragrance to your room. You can choose your favorite fragrance - lavender, rose or vanilla - to light occasionally to leave your bedroom smelling good.


Use a HEPA Filter for Your Room

When dusting or cleaning your room, use a vacuum cleaner that has a HEPA filter, which can help take out the dust in the air as well as the odor, besides the dirt residue on floors and other surfaces. If you are allergic to dust and odors, a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner is exactly what you need to thoroughly clean your room, as well as remove any bad smell in it.


Bring Some Nature into Your Room

Try to bring in some fresh flowers into your room; better, some potted plants to give your room a green touch. Plants give out oxygen while taking in the carbon-dioxide from the air, while flowers will give your room a natural fragrance. If you have a window with direct access to the sun, choose plants that need sunlight; if not, there are other plants too that can survive with very little sunshine.


Use Air Fresheners in Your Room

Finally, another good way to make your room smell good is by using air fresheners. Just like aromatic candles, air fresheners are also available in a number of flavors. At the same time, many people prefer to make their own air fresheners with essential oils and distilled water because they do not like potential harmful chemicals in the commercial products.


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