You really want something, but there is a high possibility your mom will say no. It could be a new purse, a pet or going to an event. It may feel like the end of the world if you do not get it. Believe it or not, you can actually get your mom to see things from your point of view and agree to your request. Wondering how to do this? Read on to find out how to make your mom say yes.

How to Make Your Mom Say Yes


Express Appreciation and Then Ask

You mom will say no, if you go ask for something and make it sound as though you deserve it. To avoid this, you should make her feel good for all the things that she has done for you in the past and that you really appreciate them. You can follow that up with your request. The trick is appreciation earns you some good will, and it will definitely pay back.


State Your Reasons

Write down your reasons as though you are writing a persuasive essay. Have your topic sentence as the main point. Follow it up by giving evidence of why you need it with examples. Give the alternative scenario - if she said no, show the downside of saying no and give examples. Conclude by affirming the need for your request. If you do this right, there is no doubt your mom will say yes.


Get the Right Time

Pick the right time to make your request. If your mom is stressed, tired or angry,  avoid making requests. Instead, wait for her to be happy and relaxed. If you were assigned a chore and you have not completed it, do not dare ask. However, if you know your mom likes animals, you can use her stressed moments to your advantage and ask for a pet.


Keep It Small

When asking for something, keep your requests small. For example if you’re asking for a pet and she says no to a German shepherd due to its size and maintenance cost, you can always ask for a smaller pet such as a cat, goldfish, or hamster.


Boost Her Parenting Confidence

Believe it or not, your mother actually cares about what others have to say about her parenting skills. When you are with her in public, dress decently, make conversation with her friends and answer redundant questions as interestingly and politely as you possibly can. This will boost her confidence and make her feel proud of you. It will be hard for her to say no to you after that.


Trade for It

Trade your request with a promise. Promise your mom that you will help her out with some chores and in return she should grant you your request. Ensure you do what you have promised. This will earn you trust and your mom will be inclined to say yes to your requests.


Earn Credit

Patience is how to make your mom say yes when it comes to big requests. Say you want a car or a MacBook Air, you need to prove that you are mature enough to earn it. You can do this by offering to take up small responsibilities and doing a little bit more than you had promised. This earns you credit. Patiently wait for her to realize how responsible you have become and you can now make your big requests.


Be Responsible

Your mom’s prime goal is that you grow up to a responsible adult. You can please her by showing her you are on the right path. When you want something, do not demand it. Instead promise to improve your grades in a specific unit or select a chore that you will be assisting with. This is exactly how to make your mom say yes. Make sure you keep your word as it might turn against you.


Do Not Rush a Response

When asking for something from your mom, ask her not to answer immediately. Instead ask her to think about it and then get back to you afterwards. Do not act as though it is an emergency. This will make your mom consider your request immature and rude.


Make the No a Yes

If the answer is no, you really should know how to make your mom say yes in this case. Ask your mom why she did not agree. If she gives a vague answer, probe further and ask what responsibilities you need to take up in order to prove you are mature enough to earn a yes. Be careful not to sound like you are questioning her authority or becoming nagging with your questions.


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