Lips have always been considered a sign of beauty in a person. No one likes their lips chapped or blackened like from those who smoke excessively. A healthy pair of lips generally signals a healthy, well-maintained body. Again, swollen lips aren’t very pretty either. Ideally, you want them small and well-demarcated. Fortunately, there are very easy tips if you want to know how to make your lips smaller. It could be something as simple as an everyday hack or even a make-up tip.

3 Things You Should Do in Daily Life


Clean Your Lips Regularly

In reality, this is the simplest and the best way to getting smaller lips. As time progresses, dead cells keep accumulating over your lips and make them seem dark and icky. It may lead to swollen lips if you’re not careful! An easy way to keep your lips clean is to apply an Aloe Vera lotion on them at least once or twice a week. Another way is to use lip scrubs to get rid of dirt and dead cells. This will help prevent infections and maintain the shape and thickness of your lips!


Treat Lip Injuries

Your lips go through a lot every day. So it is not surprising if they cut or chapped once in a while. This is especially possible if you have a lip-biting habit or you are prone to getting punched often! What is dangerous about this, though, is that a lip injury can lead to swelling and permanent damage. Sometimes these injuries don’t heal completely if they are left on their own. Quickly rub ice on the swollen part of the lip to curb inflammation. Just for added measure, though, go see a doctor!


Keep Them Moist

This is crucial if you want to know how to make your lips smaller. Not moisturizing your lips would make them dry and it is a fact that dry lips appear bigger. For someone who wants to make their lips look smaller, this is one step you absolutely cannot afford to miss. It is not too hard to maintain lips moist. There are loads of lotions available in the market (make sure not to compromise on quality!) or even a simple homemade solution like honey works wonders to help you achieve your lip-goal!

3 Tips to Make Your Lips Look Smaller with Make-Up



Before you proceed with anything, you will want to mask the colour of the skin around your lips and for that you will need to identify the tone that is needed. The best and quickest way around this is to consult an expert. They will provide you with specific shades of the colours and help get you the perfect shade to go with your lip tone. A word of caution, though. Take care that you don’t unintentionally offset your skin tone while trying to touch up your lips.


The “Invisibility Cloak”

Okay, so this might sound fancy but it really isn’t anything special. In fact, it requires nothing more than an ordinary concealer that probably every half-decent make-up accessory shop has. Bear in mind though that you will need to identify your skin tone before this. Once done, pick a concealer that matches that tone and apply it over the top lip and below the bottom one, approximately within a millimetre with each lip. You will need an applicator for this. To blend it in with your skin flawlessly, use a cotton swab and gentle top-to-bottom motions to blend the concealer into your skin.


More Colours!

You’ll want to know this if you want to know how to make your lips smaller. Try expanding your lipstick colour set. A good selection of colours always helps, not only by providing more options to go with your skin tone but it is also generally more fashionable. “Muted” colours generally work better in this aspect. You will need a make-up applicator as well. All of these can be found quite readily in stores and supermarkets so there’s no need to worry. Try going for shades like purple and bronze as well. Another way is to use a make-up brush to apply these over the top lip and below the bottom one.

What You Should Know About Cosmetic Surgery


Cosmetic surgery may often seem like a very attractive option to fix your appearance. And indeed, with a body part as apparently superficial as lips, it may seem like a good idea to get it touched up. However, like everything else this has its own risks too. So you should first ask yourself whether getting your lips fixed is worth the risks. 

First off, there is the risk of infection. The area around the mouth is already very prone to infections and there is a chance that it would occur during the operation. Excessive bleeding due to that can cause you to need more operations. 

Another word of caution is that of nerve damage during operations. Depending on its seriousness, it can be temporary or permanent and can leave the area painfully inflamed. Even something as trivial as scarring would need more operations to treat the affected region.

If you still decide to carry on with the procedure, it is best if you learn a bit about it. It does not come cheap at around $1500. Also, the surgery requires it to be performed by a certified medical surgeon, specifically from the ABPS (American Board of Plastic Surgery). He or she will go through your medical history and evaluate your eligibility for the procedure. It is not a long one, clocking in at an average of just about an hour per surgery.

As important as knowing how to make your lips smaller, it is as worthy of attention that there would be a recovery period. After surgery, your lips may be sore or numb at times. The best way to recover faster is to take a lot of rest and avoid strenuous exercise. Sleeping with your head in a raised, tilted position also helps. Experts recommend staying off the citrus fruit and specifically suggest eating softer foods during the recovery time. Finally, there is the most obvious tip of all: antiseptic rinsing. Gently applying an antiseptic solution onto your lips helps keep post-surgery infections away and improve recovery time!


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