Full lips look awesome – they are plush, lush, and incredibly kissable. You do not need to search hard to find a woman who would love to make her pouts a little more luscious. If you ask how you can make your lips bigger, you will most often hear people say that the only way to do it is through a cosmetic surgery. That is not the case actually. There are certain ways to make your lips look bigger without having to use Botox or collagen. Some simple makeup techniques and home remedies could help improve the look of your lips.

How to Make Your Lips Bigger


Makeup Tips

1. Go light instead of dark. You can make your lips look fuller just by choosing the right shades of lipstick and gloss. Rocking a pale pink pout will make your lips look larger, whereas dark colors will make them look flatter. Light shades with a glistening finish will make your mouth look lush because of the way light is reflected.

2. Overdraw the outline. You can always get a plump pout by using a lip liner. Symmetry is as important, if not more, as actual lushness. Just consider giving your lips a full outline using a lip liner that compliments your lipstick. Make a very thin line around the edges of your lips, but try to stay close to their natural delineation. Fix any asymmetries that you notice but avoid changing the shape of your lips a bit too much. You may take advantage of a concealer to hide your lip line, which in turn will make your lips look bigger.

3. Apply some lip-gloss in the middle of your lips. Be sure to use a clear lip-gloss for this purpose or opt for the one that matches the color of your lipstick. It will catch light and make your pout look fuller.

4. Try two different nude colors. You may consider applying a shade all over your mouth and then use a lighter color in the middle of your lips for great effects. If one of your lips is smaller, apply the lighter shade on the other one to get a more balanced look.

5. You can try an eyeliner trick to get fuller lips. Get an eyeliner pencil; pick a color close to a soft shade of brown. Apple it directly underneath your bottom lips to create a shadow. That will create an appearance of relatively fuller lips.

6. Apply Vaseline for lush looking lips. You need to make your lips shine to give them a plump look, and you can achieve that by applying Vaseline on your lips. It will also make your lips softer and much more kissable.

For more makeup tips to make your lips look lusher, please watch the video below:


Exercises to Perform

  • Blow a kiss by keeping your hands close to your face and pressing your lips against your hands. Pretend as if you are going to blow someone a kiss. Keep your lips against your hands for a few seconds and repeat 5-10 times.

  • Smile and kiss. Start by keeping your mouth closed. Now, smile as broadly as you possibly can. Repeat for 15 seconds. They, make an exaggerated kissy face by puckering your lips. Repeat 10 times. Once done, hold that puckered position for another 30 seconds and then pull your lips inside your mouth. Make sure that your teeth can clamp down on your lips. Maintain this position for another 10 seconds. Repeat the whole process for at least 5 times.

  • Fold your lips inward and try to smile. It may sound weird but it proves effective. Be sure to hold that smiling position for at least 10 seconds.

  • Try some lip presses. If you are wondering how to make your lips bigger, this could be helpful as well. Press your lips together while keeping them in a straight line. For better results, try to create a resistance by thinking as if something is keeping you from pressing your lips together.

  • Pretend to be using mouthwash. Simply close your mouth and pucker your lips a bit. Now, move your lips sideways and act as if you are rinsing with mouthwash. You can also make your lips move in shape of a figure 8. Repeat 10 times.

  • Make a duck face. You need to exaggerate a bit to get good results. Simply press your lips together with some force and then left them up toward your nose. Maintain this position for 5 seconds. Do it at least 10 times.

  • Use breathing skills. Take a deep breath and puff up your cheeks. Now, exhale gradually while making an "O" shape with your lips. Take a couple of blows to exhale completely.

  • Blow out a candle. You do not need to get a real candle for this; simply stretch your lips out and pretend to blow out a candle. Repeat for 5 times.


Lip Care

  • Drink plenty of water when trying to learn how to make your lips bigger. Dry and chapped lips look thinner.

  • Avoid licking your lips because acidic saliva can make your lips dry and irritated.

  • Use a moisturizing balm to make your lips look smooth and shiny. Try a lip balm for this purpose, but select one with care if your lips are sensitive.

  • Wear SPF on your lips to protect them from ultraviolet rays. Avoid going in direct sunlight when wearing lip-glosses or other shiny products.

  • Exfoliate for better effects. It is possible to improve blood circulation of your lips through a good exfoliation. This will make your lips look fuller. You can prepare a scrub by mixing some sugar in water and then adding moisturizing oil for hydrating effects. Apply it on your lips and massage in circles. Wipe it off after some time and use your favorite lip-gloss for great effects.


Apply Essential Oils

In addition, essential oils are also listed among the answers to how to make your lips bigger:

  • Cinnamon essential oil

Cinnamon stimulates capillaries in your lips and improves blood circulation to add some fullness to your lips. Simply add a drop of cinnamon essential oil to your gloss or lip balm and apply it directly on your lips. This will help your lips get bigger naturally.

  • Peppermint essential oil

Peppermint essential oil is quite like cinnamon oil in the sense that it also improves circulation to your lips and causes them to look plumper. Simply add a couple of drops of peppermint oil to a teaspoon of petroleum jelly and apply it on your lips regularly for good effects.


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