Most people believe that eye color is generally a fixed trait in every human, but this is not really true. There are different techniques on how to make your eyes lighter. Some of these techniques are natural, while some are surgical. There are equally different ways of making your eyes lighter through cosmetic means, however, this produces a temporary effect. Below are some of the most helpful tips on how to make your eyes lighter.

How to Make Your Eyes Lighter: 6 Helpful Tips with Necessary Cautions


Fix Contact Eye Lenses

Even if your eyes are of the darkest shades, you can always use cosmetic means to brighten them. This method is far more affordable than the other options. There are opaque lenses specifically designed for people with dark eyes. These opaque lenses feature vibrant and bright colors. The only warning that comes with wearing these lenses is that you must get a prescription before buying any of these lenses. To buy an opaque fashion lenses, click on the link below and visit the contact lens section.


Use Makeup Tricks

There are special eye shade enhancing kits produced by some makeup companies that help you choose the appropriate eye shadow for making your eyes lighter and more beautiful. You can as well choose a few complimentary colors to give your eyes a brighter and lighter appearance. If you have blue eyes, earthen colors such as copper, bronze, peach or yellow would be most appropriate. If you have green eyes, shades like mauve, purple, or rose would be most appropriate. If you have brown eyes, shades like gold, bronze or any other such shimmering earthen colors would be best. These tones help lighten your eyes.

Apply under-the-eye concealer: This will help cover all dark circles found under the eyes, which helps you appear smarter and more alert. The under-the-eye concealer also brightens up the color of your eye and gives your eye makeup a brighter appearance.


Try Home Remedies for Lighter Eyes

  • Eat berries. Begin your day with berries. Eating a bowl of assorted berries such as raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, etc will help brighten your eyes in less than 30 minutes after eating the berries. These berries are known to house important vitamins and powerful antioxidants and circulate through your body instantly. Fresh berries have been found to perform more wonders than the frozen ones, though the frozen ones still do the magic.

  • Cucumber with tea bag: Leave a slice of cucumber on each eye for about 5 minutes or soak one or two teabags in a cold water for about 1-2 minutes and place them on both eyes for about 5 minutes or more.

  • Pineapple: Get some pineapple juice and some drops of it with Coconut water and dip your cotton pad in the mixture. Place the soaked cotton pad on both eyes for about 10-15 minutes. This is one of the best tips on how to make your eyes lighter naturally.


Make Some Adjustments to Your Lifestyle

Take about 8 hours rest. Sleeping well helps you get very fresh and beautiful-looking eyes. When you get inadequate sleep, you end up with dull, red and puffy-looking eyes. Inadequate sleep can also form some dark circles under your eyes, and this can ruin your whole personality. Another good way of preventing eye puffiness is by putting an extra pillow under your head while you sleep. Sleeping on your stomach or your back rather than your sides can also help you achieve this.


Clothing Techniques

Wear clothes that match the color of your eyes. Choose tops that match your eye color always. This will help give your eyes a more natural brightness and appearance as the top enhances their color. A more vibrant eye color will equally look lighter than the one hidden deep in your eye sockets.

Try out some eye shades to select the ones that match your eye color the most. Most times, lighter shades work better because they draw out your eyes' lighter pigments. However, it works well to experiment with different shades to know which ones enhance the natural color of your eyes.


Special Surgery

While surgical procedures might appear a bit more drastic to most people, a number of cosmetic procedures are medically approved to help enhance or reduce the brightness of the color of one's eyes permanently. In most of these surgical procedures, one is required to insert a colored implant below the outer surface of the eyes that has the capacity to enhance the lightness or color of one's eyes. However, it is crucial you seek medical advice before choosing any of these surgical procedures or undergoing them. Make sure you conduct adequate researches before choosing these surgical procedures. It is also important to mention that these surgical procedures are undergone by quite a few and can be fairly expensive.



Most of the herbal eye lighteners in the market today, especially those advertised online are nothing but scams with no scientific evidences backing them up. These products cannot be trusted. While some of these products work, the FDA has not approved any for safety, which makes the possibility of experiencing drawbacks and severe side effects from using them very high. Applying these herbal eye lighteners might leave one with some permanent eye defects. The fact that they are termed natural does not make them safe in any way. A number of natural products are known to be toxic and cause irritation and harm to the eye.


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