Natural mirror cleaner is a classic DIY cleaning recipe.  What makes this recipe so great is that it’s simple and effective.  It also allows you to re-purpose old newspapers rather than purchasing paper towels.

 Natural Windex is also big money saver compared to the cost of traditional Windex.  A gallon (128 oz) of vinegar is approximately $3 (or less) which yields 8 32 oz bottles of mirror cleaner.  The cost per bottle is only $0.38!  

The cost of a single 32 oz bottle of Windex which is $3 or more.  If you were to buy 8 bottles of Windex it would be over $24.  Even if you purchased generic Windex at the dollar store it would cost $1 per bottle verses $0.38 for the DIY recipe. Lastly, making your own mirror cleaner allows you to reuse the same spray bottle; cutting down on the number of plastic that will end up in a landfill or need to be recycled. 

Mirror Cleaner - Natural Windex

​Do away with Windex and create your own low cost natural mirror cleaner!


  • 32 oz. spray bottle

  • 16 oz vinegar

  • 16 oz water

  • Newspaper



  • Fill a 32 oz. spray bottle with 16 oz vinegar and 16 oz water

  • Add essential oils to give your spray a pleasant smell (optional)

  • Shake spray bottle to mix solution

  • Spray mirrors and wipe down with newspaper for a streak-free shine.


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