Why spend on expensive fake acrylic nails when you can just make it yourself? Spare yourself the cost by learning how to make your own fake nails and have it personally designed to your liking.

Do you ever trim your nails whenever they are long, only to realize that you have an event coming up in a day? Stock up on fake nails to avoid this worry and never be unsure whether to trim or leave your nails up for another day. This article would teach you how to make fake nails at home for girls of all ages.

How to Make Fake Nails with Beverage Can, Tape & Straw


How to Make Fake Nails with Beverage Can

Love those designs on canned drinks? You can now have them as awesome fake nails that simply looks stunning on the fingers! You only need the following materials to do it: a can of your choice and a pair of scissors.

If you don’t own scissors sharp enough to cut the thin aluminum sheets, use Xacto knife or something similar. For cans, find one with a lovely design. My suggestion is the flowery motifs of Arizona Tea! Empty them and rinse it with water.

Now for the next step, be very careful. The edge of the cut can will be pretty sharp and could injure you if you aren’t careful. Wear a glove if you are scared. Remove the top and bottom of the can. We won’t need them anymore for the rest of these projects. Cut the remaining part once along the length to create a sheet. Flatten the sheet to make it easier to work with. Trim any ugly edges to avoid any accidents.

Decide which part of the can will you use for your nail design. Cut strips/squares out of the area that you want on your nail. Make sure that the size is big enough to fit the nails.

You should now have all the pieces that you want. Bend them a little using the corner of the table to give them curvature so they place better on the nail. The curvature should fit comfortably.

This will be the most tedious part of the process. Trim the bottom and sides of the strips so it neatly fit yours. Remove the sharp corners, place the piece on your nail and cut it. Shape it little by little and constantly check so it perfectly fit.

You want to cut it just longer than you would want it to be so you can show off the design more. Then again, it’s all a matter of personal preference. Just repeat the process for the rest of your nails

Use glue made for fake nails to get them to stay. If you must, coating them with clear nail polish would give them a glossier look and protect them better.


How to Make Fake Nails with Tape

Nail polish stays remarkably well on top of the tape, making them excellent for trying out nail design or temporary ones that you can remove on demand.

To make one, you will need a clear shiny/cloudy tape. The easiest one to use would be those ordinary single-sided Scotch tape. Tear a strip of tape, roughly twice the length of your whole fingernail. Then paste the tape over your finger so it covers the whole of your nail and extends past. Press down the sides of the tape, curving them to the bend of your nail. Trim the tape if it is too wide.

You are going to start with covering the bottom of the tape (i.e. the sticky part) in nail polish. Brush them well. This is to make sure it won’t stick to things and last longer. Leave the polish to dry before continuing with the next step. Once it drys, your fake nails are ready for decorating.

Nail polish stays pretty well on the plastic tape, so use it the same way you would on a normal nail. Note that you can skips using a base coat. Finish it with a clear polish once you are done for the glossy look.


How to Make Fake Nails with Straw

You could use plastic straws to make fake nails too. You would need at most two of the standard sized straw and a pair of scissor to make one. Cut the straw to the length of the nails you want. Compare the straw to the nail and cut it as appropriate.

Open the tube of straw with the scissor to create a curved strip. Open and flatten it. Place it under some heavy objects, maybe a few books for a while, long enough that the curve will fit right on your fingernails. While you can skip this step, it could be harder to work with and curls too much to be placed nicely over your nails.

Cut the bottom and sides to fit right over your nail. Fake nails are now ready for decoration. You can go full-on tight budget and only use permanent markers for decorating. To have it stick on your nail, you can also use double-sided tape.

Enjoy your new fake nails!


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