A covered pet bed can protect your pet from drafts and help him feel more secure. Making a covered pet bed is a good exercise and relatively simple. If your pet already has a bed, you can make a cover for that.

Part 1


Step 1: Wrap the Foam

The piece of material 50 inches long is to be used to make the bed. Wrap the material around the foam with the wrong side out and mark the edges where they meet with the foam under a little pressure.


Step 2: Stitch the Length to Form a Tube

Line up the marks and sew a line of stitches across the material at 90ยบ to the edge. You have now made a tube.


Step 3: Make a Bag

Close one end of the tube creating a rectangular shape about 18 x 6 inches. You have now made a bag with a rectangular profile. Reverse the bag and insert the foam.


Step 4: Close the Bag

Close the end of the bag. This can be done with buttons or press studs, whatever your favorite method is.


Make the Cover

Step 5: Seam the Other Material

Make a seam down both long sides of the 7-foot long piece of material. Do not close the ends of the seam.


Step 6: Insert the First Dowel

Into each end of each of the flexible tubes insert a piece of dowel. Anchor the dowel using panel pins.


Step 7: Fit the Zipper

Fit the zipper to the ends of the long piece of material. The zipper should be fitted so that the material will form a loop of about 6 feet, 6 inches altogether.


Step 8: Thread the Pipes

Thread the pipes into the seams that have been sewn along the long edges. Thread the pipes until they are about 9 inches from either end.


Step 9: Bend the Pipes

Bend the pipes round so that you can close the zipper. This might be difficult at first but gets easier as the pipes assume their new shape. You should have an arch-shaped creation with a flat bottom of about 18 inches in width.


Step 10: Insert the Pet Bed

Lay the pet bed you made earlier on the flat bottom. It should be a snug fit. You now have a covered, dismountable pet bed.

If desired you can close off one end of the pet bed by sewing an arch-shaped piece of material in the gap. As well as closing off one end of the bed, this could also give more control over the bend in the flexible pipes.

This is a very simple bed and can be adjusted while being made to fit your pet.


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