Understanding how to make a baby laugh begins with knowing what brings a smile to a baby's face. It is also important to understand the different types of smiles and stages in a baby's life. A baby is known to smile by reflex when asleep or tired. This reflex smile happens within the first 2 months of your baby's life. This type of smile happens occasionally and does not last for too long. It is quite easy to differentiate between a baby's laughter and a reflex smile by how often they occur, why they occur and how long they last when they occur.

14 Cute Ways on How to Make a Baby Laugh Out Loud


Popping your face suddenly. Popping your face abruptly will generate some laughter from your baby and it will want you to do this several times in a row.


The sight of other babies. Every child gets delighted on seeing another baby their age. Even a book that contains faces of several babies will make any baby laugh.


Get weird. Sometimes you need to experiment with a number of weird things to find what makes your baby go gaga with laughter. Some babies can't resist a particular play like pounding on their sternum even when they get older.


Puppies and other pets. Babies love being surrounded by puppies. But make sure you cover your baby's legs and arms to prevent scratches. If you do not have access to lots of 8-week old puppies, your friendly dog can still do this trick. If you have a playful cat, it can also do the trick, placing the cat near your baby while you watch can also be a great way to make your baby laugh.


Just make sure your baby catches those spontaneous moments. Certain things happen even when we do not plan that they should happen, and when they do, babies find it hard to hold their laughters. The sight of a dog diving at a cat on your TV screen without catching the target will always make your baby laugh. The sight of your pants falling off your waist when you sneeze can put your baby into a fit of laughter.


Tickling the baby. Everyone laughs when tickled, and your baby won't be able to resist this simple trick. Tickling is a good trick on how to make a baby laugh. Try tickling your baby occasionally and watch it giggle so excitedly that you would want to keep doing it. However, older babies are known to respond to tickling more than the much younger ones.


Making funny sounds. Once your baby is old enough to respond to sounds, making funny sounds in its ear like the sound of a meowing cat, a barking dog or any such thing will always make the baby giggle out loud. You can also find an object that makes a funny sound when you drop it on the floor to produce the same results.


Put up some acts for your baby's benefit. You can act as if you just slipped and almost fell, act like you are very scared all of a sudden, pretend to sneeze or open your eyes wide while your face is quite close to its.


Dance weirdly. Put in a good song and adopt a weird dance step that does not in any way tally with the song you are playing. This will get the baby laughing more if you dance while looking in the mirror.


Kiss the baby all over. Kiss the baby around the ears, nose, neck, fingers, toes, and other such spots that can tickle him/her. No baby can resist an adult's tongue running round its body.


Use the baby's hands to tickle. Take your baby's hands and tickle its belly and other parts of its body.


Chase him around or have him chase you around. Once the baby can run around, engage him in a chasing game. You can either have the baby chase you around or chase the baby around by yourself.


Make funny faces. Get your baby's attention, then make some strange faces like squeezing your face, frowning, or anything you can do to look weird.


Wear a mask. This trick can end up making your baby cry if you wear the wrong mask. Find smiling masks that won't scare the baby and wear it while your baby watches. Play with your baby while wearing the mask, and the sight of the mask alone will definitely make it laugh.


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