We all have a desire to feel and look younger always. Today, United States anti-aging industry is worth $ 80 billion, and if the results from researches are anything to go by, it can only get bigger and better. According to experts, this growth will solely depend on the aging baby boomers population, as well as on men who are making drastic efforts to retain their youthful looks. While cosmetic surgery could help you achieve a younger look, it is far from being the only viable option. Below are 3 things that can teach you how to look younger for men with ease.

How to Look Younger for Men: 3 Things You Need to Take into Consideration


Skin Care

  • Moisturize. If you live with a woman, you will no doubt have seen the number of lotions she keeps to enable her to maintain a radiant skin. Of course, moisturizing the skin is not for women alone. The signs of aging are often exaggerated by dryness in the body and face. This is where moisturizers come in to help. It works best to use something light during the day and a cream during the night. Using the moisturizer during sleep hours guarantees maximum results, because, at this time, the skin tends to get all dried up. However, there are facial areas that should be given more attention. Using an eye cream is a good idea because it takes care of the hydration of the gentle skin located in this area, which experiences the first signs of wrinkles.

  • Wear sunscreen often. For anyone who loves to spend time outdoors, it is important to be mindful of the number of hours you spend under the sun. According to WebMD, the harmful UV rays break the skin fibers down, which leads to the sagging of the skin and loss of elasticity. Altering your looks is not the only harm, excessive exposure to the sun does impact on your skin. It also exposes you to health risks. About 40% cases of melanoma happen in men. One easy way to stay safe is to apply some sunscreen before leaving the house. This is the most potent anti-aging product in the current market. Any product with at least SPF 15 is ideal, but the ones with a higher SPF always provide better protection.

  • Pay attention to the eye region. The eyes are no doubt the windows to our souls, but nothing gives away your age more than those natural windows. At times, the eye can make you appear older than your real age. It is well known that the skin around the human eyes is quite delicate and thin, which makes it more prone to puffiness, wrinkles, and dark circles. So the eye region should get more attention every morning and night. Make use of an eye cream, which is known to live up to its claim of being able to get rid of every trace of crow's feet within 5 minutes.


Life Style

  • Quit smoking. It is not easy to quit an old habit, so is smoking. But the several benefits that come from quitting harmful habits like smoking make all the efforts worth it. Smoking has a way of making the skin appear sallow, which affects the collagen content of the skin negatively. Collagen is responsible for providing the skin with youthful elasticity. The delicate skin under the eye is drastically affected by cigarette smoke, and this often results in puffiness and formation of dark circles. Also, smoking reduces sexual drive, destroys the teeth, causes infertility, and a host of other health-related issues.

  • Reduce alcohol intake. Alcohol does a lot of damages to the human skin such as dilating the blood vessels, which leads to the breaking of the capillaries. It is also known to come with loads of sugar which robs the skin of the much needed moisture. Alcoholics are known to look old, no matter how young they are. So for how to look younger for men, reduce alcohol intake, or abstain it completely.

  • Keep balanced diet. It is a known fact that eating more of fried foods and junks like candy will make one look several years older than he/she really is. Cutting down on your sugar intake is one very effective way of improving your diet generally. Specifically, consuming too much sugar destroys the collagen content of the skin. Studies have shown that having too much sugar in the blood leads to the production of a molecule that destroys the elasticity of the skin. It equally exposes you to more risk of being harmed by the sun.

  • Take adequate exercise. Looking younger can be as easy as putting on your running shoes and leaving the house for early morning jogs and workouts. Exercises are known to help burn belly fat, improve body posture, increase metabolism, and help to slow down the aging process. Interestingly, engaging in regular workouts helps one maintain a youthful appearance. Exercises can give one's complexion a dramatic youthful appearance. Now this is one reason to hit the race tracks every morning.



  • Don't go with clothes that are in vogue. Dress up in outdated but classic outfits. It never looks right for a middle-aged adult to adorn trendy clothes for 18 years old. Dwelling on fashion trends from the past is also not a good idea. Wearing attires that were in vogue several decades ago will always give one an aged look.

  • Take care of the eyebrows. Men are known to develop unevenly long eyebrows as they age – it makes them look a bit crazy. It is always good to have the eyebrows trimmed when getting a haircut at the salon. Experts suggest more regular haircuts as a man ages to keep the hairs shorter rather than longer.

  • Get rid of any unwanted body hair. Men are known to grow hairs in several unwanted regions as they age. Such areas include the ears and the nose. Keeping these unwanted hairs trimmed will always give one a younger look. A man feels as young as he looks. Additionally, when the hairs start turning gray, keeping them short will make them less noticeable. This equally works for the beards and the chest hairs.

  • Remove facial hair. Facial hair makes one look older. So if you want a younger appearance, say no to all beards and long goatee.


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