Everyone loves to look their best in photos. However, there are those moments when things just don’t seem to work out no matter what you do. Photos tend to make you look fatter than you actually are. This can at times affect your self-confidence and cause you to avoid having your photos taken. There is no guaranteed secret to looking flawless in pictures, but you can get some tips.

How to Look Thinner in Pictures


Sideways Pose

Whenever you are having your photo taken, make a point of turning to one side with one foot in front of the other. Your toe should be pointing towards the camera with all your weight on your back foot. This will make you look much thinner than you actually are. Looking straight at the camera is a recipe for disaster as it will just make you look heavier than you are. You can never go wrong with a shot from the side.


Avoid Being Photographed from Below

The number one rule on how to look thinner in pictures is to run for the hills whenever the photographer gets on their knee to take a photo. This is the worst position. It will make you look humongous. The best angle is one taken slightly above elongating your torso. This also gives you a slim appearance. On the downside, your nose may appear gigantic. Find a balance for your body and your nose.


Keep Your Chin Up

If you have a double chin, you can conceal it by stretching your neck and pushing your face forward. Also, smile and place your tongue at the roof of your mouth simultaneously. Ensure you practice this in front of a mirror so that you do not end up making funny faces in front of the camera. With time, you will get it right.


Hold Your Arms Out

The third tip on how to look thinner in pictures is by holding your arms out slightly away from your body. This is perfect if you have excess weight on your arms. The arms will not flatten out and will, therefore, look much thinner than if you had them pressed against your body. This is usually the reason why most celebrities hold their hand on their hips when posing for photos. However, this might be too dramatic in some cases so just hold your arms out.


Shoulders Back, Tummy In

Assume an upright posture when your photo is being taken. Pull your shoulders back, raise your chest and gently suck in your tummy. You ought to be careful not to make it obvious in the picture that you were sucking in your stomach. Practice this pose in front of the mirror to avoid looking ridiculous in front of the camera.


Cross Your Legs When Sitting Down

When you are standing, you will definitely look thinner. However, if you cannot get yourself out of a photo where you are required to remain seated, just cross your legs at the ankles in front of you. This will make your thighs look slimmer and curvy.


Wear Single Color Outfits and Nude Color High Heels

If you want to look thinner in pictures, wear outfits with a single color. If you are going for an occasion that will need you to be photographed, try as much as possible to have a one color outfit from head to toe and a pair of nude high heels. They will make your legs look slimmer and longer.


Stay Away from Skinny People

You would rather pose next to a tree if you can’t get a person your size or bigger. Even in the case of a tree, do not go posing next to a slender bamboo. If you must pose with a skinny person, stand behind them.


Never Be the Closest Person to the Camera

This is common knowledge. The person nearest to the camera looks the biggest. If you are fat, you do not need this. Just stand behind the group with 80% of your body covered up by other people.


Use Props to Hide Protruding Body Parts

How to look thinner in pictures. You can use plenty of items to camouflage your protruding body parts. The most obvious is your bag. Always carry a bag that matches your body size. Fashion should not mislead you into carrying tiny bags. If you do not have your bag with you, do not hesitate to use a pillow or hold a baby.


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