In this day and age, women are usually confronted with a lot of social pressures. Women have to always be on their guard whether they are in school, in the workplace, in the home, and even in public spaces. Because of these social pressures, they are not able to show their true self and unleash their full potential. As such, they shy away from opportunities and lose confidence in themselves. However, there are ways on how to look more feminine and become more confident.

16 Simple Tips to Look More Feminine


Use makeup and care for your skin

If you want to know how to look more feminine, you should learn how to care for your skin and use makeup. Because you will be meeting people from different walks of life, you will become more confident when you look presentable. You will then create a lasting impression on the people that you meet.


Maintain proper hygiene

As a woman, it is necessary for you to look clean and have good hygiene. This may mean brushing your teeth at least twice a day or making sure that you do not look sweaty or dirty. Maintaining proper hygiene will make you look clean and will also make you look more feminine and confident.


Manage body hair

Body hair is part of your biological makeup. Whether it may be on your face, on your underarms, or on your legs, your body hair will stay unless you manage them. If you want to know how to look more feminine, get rid of them by going to waxing salons or laser sessions. Doing so would make you feel clean and confident.


Style your hair

Your hair is your crowning glory. Nothing would make a woman more feminine than the style of her hair. Pay a visit to the salon and ask your hairdresser the cut that looks good on you. Spice things up a bit to reflect your brand and personality.


Use fragrances

A woman that smells good is a woman worth talking too. Using fragrances leaves a lasting impression not only on the senses. People would like to be around you more often and this will make you more confident and feminine. Make sure to use light and unique fragrances than strong ones so as not to disturb the people around you.


Wear clothes that accentuate your body and personality

Knowing what clothes suit your body is an important aspect in looking feminine. Search for fashion pegs and know which style suits you better. Make sure that you are able to express yourself through the clothes that you wear as being able to do so helps you become more confident.


Wear light accessories

Practice how to look more feminine by wearing light accessories. This can be in the form of earrings, necklace, bracelet, or watch. Understand how to mix and match them with your clothes. Make sure not to overdo it as you might feel uncomfortable wearing everything.


Use tote bags instead of backpacks

When you were younger, you might have preferred carrying a backpack wherever you go. You feel that you have to be ready in case of emergency. You bring with you items that you think you need. However, now that you are more mature, it is time for you to use more tote and clutch bags. You only have to put the few items that you really need.


Pamper yourself

After days of working hard, reap the benefits of your efforts by pampering yourself. Pay a visit to the spa and enjoy a relaxing massage. Let yourself calm down and recharge for your next endeavors.


Maintain proper posture

If you want to know how to look more feminine, you have to practice proper posture. Stand up straight and hold your head up high. Never slouch and compress your body. Maintaining proper posture helps you exude more confidence. People will be drawn to you and would want to be around you more often.


Move with grace

Everywhere you go and whatever you do, always remember to move with grace and poise. Eat food slowly and choose meals that are not messy and uncomfortable to eat. Do not do things in haste and learn to appreciate everything around you. When your actions are thoughtful, you are more mindful of your surroundings and this helps you be more feminine.


Avoid swearing and using curse words

It might be a bit disorienting for women to use curse or swear words. These words exemplify disrespect, rudeness, and negativity. These words will not only fill you with negative vibes but they will also disturb anyone around you. Learn how to deal with your emotions and approach people with compassion and empathy.


Stay away from dirt

It is normal for you to be exposed to dirt as you go through your day. However, you have to be mindful of your activities and make sure that they are not ruining your clothes or mood. When you get dirt on your clothes, you become less presentable and this might leave the wrong impression on people.


Express your ideas

A woman becomes more feminine if she knows how to express her thoughts and ideas. When you are not afraid of speaking out, people become interested in what you have to say. Being able to speak your ideas helps you earn the respect of others and unleash your true potential.


Learn to be strong and independent

When you are strong and independent, people look up to you and begin to emulate you. Because you know who you are and you are fully aware of your capabilities, people begin to respect you and perceive you as more feminine.


Learn how to relax and be spontaneous

There is nothing more fulfilling in life than having new experiences. You become more feminine when you know how to have fun and take time to appreciate the good things around you.


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