People would want to know how to look attractive because it makes them feel good about themselves. When people feel attractive, the have a positive outlook in life and this reflects how they carry themselves. These people feel much more confident and, in turn, they draw more people towards them. However, it is worth noting that there are a lot of factors that make up attractiveness. One only has to make a few simple changes in order to look and feel attractive.

6 Proven Tips for Women


Maintain good hygiene

There is no better way to look attractive than maintaining good hygiene. You have good hygiene when your body is clean and feels fresh. This may mean showering every day, brushing the teeth at least twice a day, and trimming the nails. This will not only make you look clean but it will also make you feel good about yourself.


Take care of your skin

If you want to know how to look attractive, invest on your skin. Wash your face while taking a shower in the morning and before sleeping at night. You can also avoid dry skin and wrinkles by applying moisturizer and sunscreen everyday. These things will help you have a beautiful skin and wrinkle-free skin.


Dress in nice clothes

One of the best ways to look attractive is to wear nice clothes. Your clothes do not have to be expensive—anything that would make you look clean and presentable would suffice. Learn how to mix and match and choose pieces that look good on you.


Keep an active and healthy lifestyle

If you want to find ways on how to look attractive, keeping a healthy lifestyle is always a good choice. Having regular exercise will help you stay active. Keep a healthy diet by avoiding processed food and eating more fresh products.


Practice good posture

One way to look attractive is to maintain good posture. This means holding your head high and keeping the body relaxed. The more open your body is, the more confident you would feel. Sooner or later, you would realize that every move you make seems classy and elegant.



This tip is no secret. When you smile, you feel happier and people will most likely feel the same. They will be drawn to you and would want to be around you all the time.

6 Proven Tips for Men


Practice proper hygiene

An attractive man is someone who knows how to take care of himself. Women are more attracted to men who look clean and fresh. Make sure that you shower everyday and wear deodorant and body spray. Also, keep your whites clean by brushing at least two times a day.


Shave facial hair

Some men would think that facial hair is the key to looking attractive. This may be true but only when done well. Letting your facial hair grow too long would make you look dirty and scruffy and may discourage people from approaching you. Trim your facial hair so you would look clean and decent.


Learn how to dress well

If you want to know how to look attractive, learn how to dress well. Avoid looking sloppy and shabby by wearing clothes that fit you well and accentuate your body. Having timeless basics would make you look clean and presentable.


Be a gentleman

There is no better way to attract people than knowing how to be a gentleman. When you regularly show care and respect to others, people would be drawn to you and would want to be near you. You can do this by not swearing or making rude comments in public.


Know how to carry a conversation

Men who can do this are curious and passionate about a lot of things. People are drawn to men who know how to carry a good conversation and engage people. Men who are good conversationalists are not afraid to speak their ideas and learn more about what other people think about these ideas.


Be healthy

Part of taking care of the body is being healthy. You would look and feel better when you know how to play a sport and exercise regularly. Having a balanced diet also helps as it shows how disciplined and driven you are.

And Another 6 Tips for Everyone


Improve your appearance

Improving the appearance does not mean getting cosmetic surgery. It can simply mean going to the gym and becoming physically active. Doing so will not only help you get fit but it will also help you enhance your glow and mood.


Develop your personality

One way of knowing how to look attractive is developing your personality. As you grow old, you learn to let go of traits and attitudes that do not serve other people well. When you become more mature, you grow as a person and this will help you deal with your emotions and that of other people.


Work towards your goals

There is nothing more attractive than someone who has goals in life. Having goals means that you are committed to something and want to unlock your full potential. This shows how passionate and driven you are and this will inspire people around you.


Learn something new every day

People who strive to learn something new every day are people who are passionate about life. When you are looking to grow your knowledge on something, you become more attractive because you have the humility to accept that you do not know everything. You know that life is filled with wonderful things and you are on your way to finding them.


Give often

People will become more drawn to you if you are always thankful and positive about life. If you are always looking to help someone, you become attractive because you know that you are making this world a better place, one person at a time.


Travel more

You become an attractive and interesting person when you are always on the lookout for adventures. You know that there is a wonderful world out there and it is up to you to seek it and appreciate the good things in this world.


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