Once you’re ready with all of your boxes and furniture to move, you wait for the moving company to arrive. When you hire a service you must have done a research in advance. You may ask your friends, neighbours or co-workers for a company that is reliable.

There are some things that may cause you some injuries or even a stay in the hospital. You have to be very careful with your moving and mostly with the moving of your large furniture and appliances.

Loading the moving van:

First of all you have to make some clear space before your house so that the removing van to be parked safely and convenient to be loaded. The furniture removals can be really exhausting and the people don’t pay attention to vital things such as safety procedures before loading the moving van.

How to Load a Van Safely


Make it stable and steady

Make sure you have taped all the boxes and secured all the doors of your appliances and furniture. Take care of the van too – ensure that the breaks and any stabilizing equipment are put in use.


Load the boxes carefully

When you load your boxes be careful with organizing them otherwise you can be caught trapped by them in the van, or they can fall over you.


Take care of the fragile

One of the pros of hiring a company that your acquaintances has recommended is that it will be qualified well enough to take care of your items without breaking them. Some hiring companies offer cheap services, but afterwards you are left with your broken dishes or even bigger things. Before you load the van take some look at the boxes again, and if you’re not very cool about some of them with fragile things – pack them in an extra safe box.


Use safety machine

When you move your heavy items and furniture you will for sure need a safety machine. Moving big things can be very dangerous so you have to take a good care of your health not to make some accidents.


Avoid overloading

One of the things we do when we try to be more frugal is to overload the van so not to have to turn back for an extra ride. Find out what are the van’s technical instructions about weight and make sure you’re not trying to overload it because you will have problems both with the moving company and it could even reach to the police authorities.


Mind the floor of the van

You have to check it because the company owners’ sometimes don’t pay attention to their vans’ condition. Make sure that the van floor is dry and well cleaned otherwise you can end up with some bruises or as we said before even in the hospital with much more serious injuries.



Before you start loading the van try to organize your time well. When you have prepared and packed all of your stuff before the moving service arrival you will be much calmer when the time to load comes. Be careful with the boxes, the fragile items and the heavy furniture. Take care of how you put and organize them in the van. After moving the heavy items there is a risk of pain in the legs and arms and even a disc disease so again - take your time and be very careful. Most of the removal companies have safety policies and the movers are well-informed with the regulations and rules of loading the moving van, however you have to be very careful about your health and the safety of your luggage.

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