No one wants spiders and other nasty insects crawling around their house. Not only because it’s repulsive, but also because it can be dangerous. Some of the spider species are known to be poisonous, so keeping them away should be on your agenda to stay healthy and also to protect your family. In the following guide on how to keep spiders away, we will tell more about some purely natural ways for home pest control that are free of chemicals and will do no harm to the environment.

Top 12 Ways to Keep Spiders Away



This is by far one of those remedies that are long-term and require minimal efforts. Just stock up some raw chestnuts and place them along the perimeter of your house and on window sills. Somehow they seem to keep spiders away because of their smell. And you don’t have to replace them until several weeks.


Lady bugs

These nice creatures are completely harmless, but when it comes to keeping spiders at a distance, they do an almost magic work. You don’t have to let them in the house, just make sure they inhabit some bushes and flowerbeds close to the walls so that no spider will enter your territory.


Tobacco leaves

It’s important to use only fresh leaves that emit smell. You can buy them at your local retailer or even grow your own if it’s the season. Put them near every possible entry that spiders can use to get into your house and keep an eye on how fresh the leaves are. Typically you will want to replace them every few days to sustain their effectiveness if you are really determined about learning how to keep spiders away.


Osage oranges

These otherworldly fruits are known to be perfect pest control remedy and work well not only for spiders but for other harmful insects too. To make them most efficient, you can cut them in two and then place around the house. Just make sure that the fruits are not accessible to children or your pets as they are quite toxic.


Cedar mulch

If you are lucky to live in the area where you can get or buy some cedar mulch, this would be perfect for scaring spiders away. Put some mulch in random places in your garden and along the foundation of your house, and this will provide a good protection with virtually no effort. The only requirement is to keep it in places with decent amount of sunlight.


Coconut oil

This is one of the simplest ways of how to keep spiders away. You just need to buy coconut oil at your local grocery store and mix one part of it with two parts of water. Then place the mixture in a spray bottle and apply across your territory. Not only will it keep spiders well afar from your house, but it will also lend a nice smell to your interior.


Eucalyptus trees

If you feel like introducing real eucalyptus trees to your garden, just go for it! They are quite undemanding in maintenance, but what you get in return is not only a nice view from your window and a greener garden, but also less or no spiders inside your house! You may want to consult your local gardener in order to plant the tree correctly. The only drawback to this method is that it takes time to grow a tree, but meanwhile you can still spray eucalyptus essential oil!


Mechanical protection

This will take some efforts from your side, or you can even call for professional help to install special screens for your windows, doors and ventilation. The goal is simple – to seal all the possible ways for spiders to gain entry to your house. This works well for other nasty crawlers as well.



Hopefully, you are not allergic to citruses, so you can go ahead and use lemon, tangerines, oranges and grapefruits to keep spiders from getting anywhere near. You can use peels, spray juice, burn aroma candles or apply essential oil; just to make sure that the smell stays fresh at all times.


Home-made spider sprays

It’s cooking time! Well, the resulting spray won’t be edible at all, but it’s a perfect and fun way to battle spiders in your house. Just remember the list of must-have ingredients – vegetable oil, coconut oil (as mentioned above), apple cider vinegar, liquid soap, pepper. You can mix it in reasonable proportions and use a spray bottle to apply it all around.


Hardcore cleaning

It has nothing to do with any substances, but if you really want to know how to keep spiders away, you need to do some hardcore cleaning. This includes clearing up all the debris and trashes around your house, in the garden and household buildings, as well as doing a regular wet cleaning of your interior. This is to eliminate any possibilities for spiders to weave their webs and settle anywhere near the place where you live.


Aroma remedies

There are some more wonderful and aromatic ways to keep spiders away while freshening and scenting the air in your house. In addition to citruses, coconut and eucalyptus, try applying peppermint oil, as well as lavender, cinnamon, tea tree and rose. You can do this in whatever configuration you like, whether using an aroma candle or essential oils. The most important thing is the result, and you will soon notice one!


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