Any outfit would instantly become more elegant and polished if a gold jewelry is used to accessorize it. However, such jewelry costs a lot. If you want to have the same feel as that of solid gold jewelry without bearing its hefty cost, then gold-plated jewelry is a good alternative.

It is considerably less costly and yet looks the same as solid gold jewelry. Gold-plated jewelry has to be taken care of if you are to maintain the luster and brightness of the gold. The following is a care regime for how to keep gold plated from tarnishing.

How to Keep Gold Plated from Tarnishing


Dishwashing Detergent

In terms of how to keep gold plated from tarnishing, some simple steps with dishwashing detergent can do the trick.

  • Take a few cups of warm water and mix a few drops of mild dishwashing detergent into it. Soak the jewelry in the soapy water and let it dry in open air.

  • Use a soft microfiber cloth to polish the jewelry but don’t grease it too much or the gold will become loose.

  • Seal the jewelry in a plastic bag after squeezing all the air out of it. This will keep it dry and safe from blemishes. Without oxygen in the bag, the alloy metals of the gold-plated jewelry would remain untarnished.


Toothpaste or Baking Soda

Another means of how to keep gold plated from tarnishing is to make use of household products like baking soda or toothpaste. Both of them can help in keeping the gold-plated jewelry in fine shape.

  • Having decided which product you want to use for cleaning the jewelry, put it on a toothbrush and start scrubbing the jewelry with it. The bristles of the toothbrush will help you in cleaning the grooves that the gold-plated jewelry might have. As the toothbrush cleans the grime and dirt clinging to the jewelry, it would begin to turn back or grey.

  • After thoroughly scrubbing the jewelry, use clean water to rinse off the baking soda or toothpaste from it. You might have to make use of the toothbrush to completely rinse off the grooves.

  • If there is tarnishing on the gold-plated jewelry, you would have to spray a small quantity of WD-40 on it and let it stay there for a while. Perform the cleaning by rubbing the spot with your finger. Complete the cleaning by rinsing the jewelry under clean water.

  • For shining the gold-plated jewelry, you would have to place it in a soft and dry cloth. Polish all the dull spots on the jewelry by rubbing them inside the cloth with your fingers. Any remaining water spots or residue will be removed this way.


No-Tarnish Strips

Irrespective of how you stash your jewelry, it is important that you put no-tarnish strips along with it. Make sure to keep on changing these strips after every few months. To remind yourself about putting in fresh no-tarnish strips, note the changing dates on a calendar frequently.

If the jewelry has been displayed in a gallery or a closed case, then placing the no-tarnish strips in an inconspicuous spot inside the case is the best way to go.



Small pieces of chalk-board chalk can be used in place of no-tarnish strips with the jewelry. The chalk absorbs the airborne particles responsible for causing tarnish in a similar fashion as the strips.

It is important to keep on changing the chalk after every few months.


Acid-Free Paperstock

For any jewelry tags, packaging, paper goods, or earring cards stored alongside the jewelry, making use of cardstock or acid-free paper is also one of the ways for how to keep gold plated from tarnishing.

How to Take Care of Your Gold Plated Jewelry


The gold-plated jewelry you wear must not be sprayed with perfume or any other sprays. Perform this task before putting on the jewelry so that the chemicals contained in the perfume or spray would not contaminate the metal of the jewelry.


The gold plated necklace, ring or bracelet must only be put on after the cream or lotion you have applied has been absorbed by your skin or has dried.


Tarnishing of the plated or metal jewelry can be easily caused because of reaction taking place with materials like perfume, oil, nail polish, chlorine and nail polish remover. Sweat can cause this problem too, therefore it is necessary to remove such jewelry items when swimming or exercising.


Remove any dirt or dust that might have stuck to the jewelry after every use by cleaning it with a soft cloth or a cotton ball. You can restore the shine to the gold-plated jewelry as well by rubbing its surface with a soft jewelry cloth.


Don’t make use of antibacterial soaps or jewelry cleaners for cleaning your gold-plated jewelry as chemicals present in them might tarnish it quickly.


Keep your gold plated jewelry in a separate jewelry box or place it in a soft cloth after cleaning to avoid any blemishes.


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