By definition, leptin is a protein produced by fatty tissue which is believed to regulate fat storage in the body. Obesity is one the major problems people are facing in today‚Äôs world and therefore people look for losing weight fast or fat weight loss techniques. Due to the disturbed routines and fast life pattern, while we are working for long hours without eating anything and survival is on canned\fast food most of the time ignoring workouts of any sort, increases our tendency to become fat and in some cases, real fat. 

God has designed our body with all the facilities to cater the biological needs and leptin is one of them. It is basically the hormone which controls our hunger. With increased leptin we will have a controlled diet but how to increase leptin and what are the food that increase leptin to a balanced level. We are going to look at some old ways and some of the latest scientific methods to do so in this article.

Here is a detailed introduction of leptin:

How to Increase Leptin

Basic Function of Leptin

The basic function of leptin is to burn fat in our body. While insulin stores fat, leptin burns it out so basically, both the hormones are doing opposite jobs but the important point here is that leptin is dependent on insulin and it is also dependent on the fats in our body. More fat causes more leptin. It is just like a defender who comes out to wipe out the evil forces. If fats are evil for you, leptin will be the hidden warrior and it goes away after cleaning up fats. 

Technically leptin level decreases after fats are burned off. So if you are thinking on how to increase leptin than look for a diet with fats but make sure your insulin levels are be normal. Look at this video for what doctors has to say about leptin:

Increased Leptin

There are many adverse effects due to high levels of leptin. One of the most dangerous is that it can reduce the fertility rate. Another one is that you may look older than you really are and your body may de shape as increasing leptin contributes in obesity. So do not work too hard on how to increase leptin as it may cause damage to your health because your body will resist further level of leptin. 

A resistance in leptin will make it problematic for losing weight. It can also cause health issues. Do not eat too much food that increase leptin or any special supplements for higher leptin level without consulting a qualified physician. This video link will help you a bit:

How to Decrease Leptin Resistance

If you work too hard on how to increase leptin, you may be looking for how to decrease leptin resistance at some time due to saturated leptin in your body. Your body will have a lot of leptin in it but your brain will be unable to read that signal. 

As a result you will feel continuous hunger eating more and more. Instead of losing weight for which you worked continuously on how to increase leptin, you will increase your weight and grow fat. A video link will give you a better understanding:

Food for Leptin

If you are working hard on how to increase leptin level in your body, than it is to bring in your information that there is no specific food to increase it directly. Our digestion system does not recognize leptin hormone. So if any supplements are taken to increase leptin levels directly, it will be of no use. 

On the contrary, there are certain foods that will cause your leptin level to increase. By taking such a diet you will feel less hungry so be sure not to take a lot of it. Do not think too much on how to increase leptin for fat weight loss. You may like to watch this video for further diet for leptin:

What Controls It

Simply put together, the hypothalamus in the brain controls leptin as it is a function of the brain cells. In simple and plain language, when our mind calculates the energy level in the body to be full, it makes the digestion system active and as a result, our body burn fats resulting in an increased level of leptin. So before going for how to increase leptin in your body, there must be balanced amount of leptin in your system. 

The stronger the signal of energy in body the better in losing weight fast. And when our brain receives a signal that the body is in need of energy, it reduces leptin level so as that the metabolism system slows down and there is no need of leptin in abundance. Use these techniques on how to increase leptin for fat weight loss.


The importance of Laptin hormone remains to be concrete in our body as we explained almost everything regarding leptin and how to increase leptin, the food that increase leptin and the uses of leptin in the body for losing weight fast. There are many factors to control the amount of leptin in our body and the most important one is the amount of sleep and the routine of diet we follow. Like many other health related issues, obesity is one of the prime problems our generation is facing. So you do not have to work hard in the gym with all the sweat and blood going haywire. To start with, control it with your diet. Working out in terms of exercise has undoubtedly its own advantages but proper diets can start to balance your body from the inside. 

As we have come across a very informative subject of leptin and its importance in our life, we should look forward to have a balance in body chemistry. There are no specific ways on how to increase laptin but we can trigger it with relevant intake of food. Look out for an increased amount of leptin in your body because it can turn you really fat instead of shedding fats off.


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