Those who have watched "Hachiko" already know the importance of an undeniable strong human-canine bond. People who think that making a strong bond with your dog is effortless should understand that showering your dog with loads of love and giving him treats and new toys are not the only way to make a good relation with your Fido. It definitely takes more than that.

How to Improve Your Bond with Your Dog

Excellent leadership quality, good structure and discipline are the basic requirements of building a strong bond with your pooch. It is also very important to listen to your dog so that you can know he likes and what he doesn’t like. Learn here to build a strong relationship with your dog:

Give him your time

Always try to spend some time with him. Sharing time with anyone in an enjoyable way definitely strengthens your relation. The time you are spending with your canine companion can be used for training him, playing with him or going on a walk with him.


Communicate with your dog

It is very important to clearly communicate with your dog. For communicating with your dog, you have to understand his body language. Dogs are more comfortable in understanding visual signals, so it is more important to talk to them via signals rather than communicating vocally. When your dog becomes comfortable in talking to you via any means, you strengthen your relationship with your dog.


Train your dog yourself

It has various benefits. Training dog yourself allows you to spend some time with him plus your dog understands you. Next time when you will ask for something, he already knows what your want because he knows so much about you from training sessions.

Moreover, you can save some bucks which you otherwise were supposed to spend on professional trainer.


Respect your dog’s likes and dislikes

Likes and dislikes of a dog vary from breed to breed or even individual to individual. Some dogs like to accompany you everywhere and some enjoy their own company. Some are active while some are couch potatoes.

When you understand what your dog likes and behave accordingly with him, you earn the love as well as respect of your pooch. You will be the person your dog loves to spend time with.


Groom your dog yourself

Experts say taking care of your dog and grooming him bring the two closer. Grooming also allows both of you to spend some time together. When you care for your Fido, he comes to know that you are his well wisher. This way, you earn his love and attention.


Be calm, be consistent and be fair

Never treat or command your dog with anger otherwise he will fear of you.

When you are training your dog, or playing with him or going on a regular walk, your behavior should be the same. If you are having a bad day, it doesn’t mean that you will scold your dog for that. Be consistent with your behavior towards your dog.

It is very important to be fair with your dog. If he can’t understand your command, you should try to teach him with more calmness. Punishing him physically will do no good.

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