We always pay a lot of attention towards how we look, and hence, try to get the best haircut, care for our skin etc, in an attempt to look our best. There are several elements which should be taken into consideration, in order to pull off the perfect look, and pretty nails are an essential element as well. It is probably the reason why we hop into a pretty nail shop every chance we get.

There are several tips being offered, by just about everyone, regarding how to get perfect nails, and unfortunately a lot of those can also be myths. Hence, they do not always help in getting those crystal nails that we have always wanted.

Here, we have put together a list of tips, which will help in fulfilling your desire to achieve pretty nails.

How to Have Pretty Nails

Let the Cuticles Be

Grooming of nails is an integral part of the beauty regime. You may groom them yourself, or take the help of a professional, whatever you do, ensure that the cuticles aren’t manipulated. This will ensure that the cuticles remain healthy and you may never have to use pretty acrylic nails again.

Cuticles are one of the body’s natural barriers against bacteria and fungus. Manipulate them, and this natural barrier will no longer be capable of protecting you anymore. This may result in red, ragged and swollen cuticles, not to mention the fact that you may suffer from infections which affect the nail bed. This may lead to permanent damage and your dream of having pretty nails, will remain just another dream. And there will be no nail design out of bounds.

Although most of the problems are cased due to cutting the cuticles, pushing them back too can result in a lot of problems. No amount of pretty nail art can make your nails good looking again.

Avoid Nail Hardeners

More often than not, nail hardeners do a lot of damage. Considering the fact that most of these products do not undergo clinical testing of any sort, none of the claims that have been made can be backed up.

In case your nails happen to be excessively weak or fragile, then use nail hardeners sparingly. If pretty nails are what you want, try to avoid it as much as possible.

Naturally, healthy nails tend to be a little flexible. To prevent a breakage of any sort, try and stay away from anything which can make them brittle. Hence, you too can participate in the latest trend of crystal nails.

Limit Professional Manicures

Nothing can beat the feeling that takes over you, when you indulge in a little luxury every once in a while. Getting a manicure or a pedicure is the women’s idea for a perfect escape from a mundane life. Unfortunately, studies have shown that indulging in a manicure or pedicure frequently, may dry your nails and also make them brittle. Pretty nail art on your nails will remain a distant dream in such a case.

Women, who expose their nails to these chemicals frequently, may end up suffering from nail bed infections, which may result in puffy, red areas around the nail base.

One way of reducing the possibility of contracting these infections, is to carry your own manicure tools to the salon. This does lower the risk of contacting infections, and you can get a step closer to getting pretty nails.

Moisturise the Cuticle and Nail Bed

There isn’t a lot of scientific backing to show that moisturisation of the nails beds may help them grow. However, it is largely believed that they can help in making the cuticles look a lot better. It also prevents the nails from breaking due to the lack of moisture. They would definitely look a lot better than pretty acrylic nails.

Nails tend to break a lot when they lack moisture. Regular application of oil in the region around cuticles will help in moisturising the entire nail. This in turn, will help in reducing the cracking, chipping or splitting of nails. Hence, you can enjoy any nail design you want.

The fact that all of this moisturising will leave you with softer hands along with pretty nails, is an added bonus.

Avoid Nail Polish Removers with Acetone and Emery Boards

All the dermatologists across the world will agree to one thing, acetone damages the nails. The acetone which is present in the nail polish removers strips the nails. This results in the nails becoming brittle, and hence, they break or crack a lot more easily than healthy nails. This is especially bad, if you already have brittle nails, and even worse if you love pretty nail art.

Emery boards tend to be very harsh on the nails, leading to fissures, as well as, cracks which in turn results in tears and breakages. It is always better to use smooth nail files. While filing your nails, remember to file in a single direction and not back and forth, and sure enough you will have pretty nails.

Biotin In, Gelatin Our

Consuming supplements of biotin is known to increase the thickness of nails, hence preventing the possibility of a breakage. Taking in a dosage of just 2.5 mg of Biotin on a daily basis, is known to benefit the nails. There is only so much a pretty nail shop can do. You will have to do the rest.

On the other hand, Gelatin can be just as bad for the nails. Experts have mentioned that eating, or even soaking your nails in Gelatin will not do a thing to increase their strength. In fact, the liquid soak might do more harm than good, as it may waterlog and then weaken the nails. If you love nail design, especially crystal nails, then stay away from it.

So if you are looking to have some pretty nails, then you may want to start taking in Biotin, while staying away from Gelatin.

Change Shampoos

A lot of women do not realise that the shampoo which seems to work well for their hair, might just be hampering their chances of having pretty nails. This is especially true of those shampoos which are designed to help you deal with oily hair. These shampoos help you by removing lipids and natural oils off the scalp.

The shampoos have the very same effect on the nails as well. If your nails happen to be dry, and if you are using products which strip off oils, then there is a huge possibility that it is drying your nails as well. No pretty nail shop can get you out of this mess.


Possessing pretty nails is every woman’s dream. They help in completing the look that one is going for. However, it is not that hard to achieve perfect nails. A little care from you and your nails will be looking healthier, and prettier than ever. So much so, that you will never need to use the pretty acrylic nails.


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