Western home decor for wall displays range from rustic ranch artifacts to installations of barn wood and metal art. Cowboy and cowgirl accessories, horseshoes, pistols, canteens, signs, dinner bells and horse pictures are popular items for western wall decor. Having a specific Western theme helps create an appealing wall display.

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Theme and Style

A wall hung with Western-themed decor might celebrate cowgirls, display artifacts from actual cattle ranches or focus on horses in the Old West. The style might be rustic, using old leather harnesses and rusty horseshoes, or present a neat display of one large piece in a contemporary room. Explore options for Western-themed decor and consider the mood you want to create and the type of decor you want to display.


Single Centered Object

A saddle blanket, tapestry of a horse or a Western-themed wall hanging centered over a couch or bed sets the mood for the room. A hanging gives a warm look to the room and adds focus to the key piece of furniture. For a no-sew Old West wall- hanging project, use clip-on curtain rings large enough to fit a rod to hold the hanging. Curtain rod supports in wood or metal with antique finishes go well with the Western look. An image of a Native American dream catcher, or a saddle spread out on the wall both would suit a Western-themed bedroom.


Grouping Western Objects

Hanging objects at different heights creates a simple arrangement for Western wall decor. For example, center the most important object -- such as a framed photograph of ancestors -- and arrange the other items in a circle around it. Another option is to stagger a small group of objects that are different sizes so that larger objects hang higher than smaller ones. A wall-mounted shelf with hooks, the type used for entryways, offers a convenient means to hang Western gear. Hang chaps and gun belts from the hooks and arrange Western collectibles such as belt buckles, cowboy boots, or a collection of flasks on the shelf.


Hanging the Display

Screw-in hooks in sizes large enough to hold the specific items work well to hang Western decor. For example, use two hooks to hang each spur and a leather-wrapped hook designed to hold a bicycle to hold a coil of rope or a bullwhip. A gun rack with a shelf at the bottom works well for hanging old rifles and displaying Western-theme figures or memorabilia. Large-scale Western metal art requires strong hardware and solid support. Use a stud finder to reduce the risk of the art pulling free from the wall and causing damage or injuries.


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