A good massage is nothing less than pure bliss – not only does it relieve all the stress from your body, but, if you’re into that sort of thing, it also works wonders on your body’s positive energy. Now of course, you can always go to a spa or call in a professional masseuse to give you a mind blowing job. Unfortunately, most of us cannot afford such luxuries, especially when it comes to pleasing our partner, which is why it’s best to get your hands dirty and do the deed yourself. But here’s the thing – rubbing oil down your partner's body and pressing your hands against his or her back doesn’t really constitute as giving a massage.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Giving a Massage

You can’t really decide one fine day that you’re gonna give her a massage and expect everything to be in order for you. No. You have to do your own preparations and learn how to give a massage.

Mind the ambience

This is of the utmost importance, because imagine how jarring it would be to have a massage in a room that is brightly lit with bulbs. The light should be dim. If at all possible, switch off the lights and pull aside your window curtains just a little bit so that sunshine can stream in. Besides, make the room temperature comfortable enough. If possible, light candles and if at all possible, light scented candles!


Keep distractions at bay

Make sure children, pets and electronics are in the next room. Play some soft music, most preferably from artists like Enya, Karunesh or Deep Forest. If that doesn’t work for you, then opt for musical or instrumental compositions. Distractions really need to be kept at bay when working on how to give a massage.


Prepare towels in different sizes

Keep the good ones as well as the bad ones by your side. You can use the good ones to put on her body so that her body can retain heat after being massaged. The bad ones can be used to soak up any oil spills that you may have made. And while you’re at it, keep aside 2 folded towels (the good ones) which she can use as a makeshift pillow.


Choose massage oils

With so many options in the market to choose from, it sure can be overwhelming when it comes to narrowing down your choice. So why not stick to something basic, since you’re a beginner. You can leave the more detailed or complicated mixtures of oils for later use.

Opt for scented oils and if at all possible, buy them in a fragrance that she enjoys. If massage oils are too fancy for you, then no worries. Head over to your kitchen and get out that bottle of olive oil. But be careful – its scent might be a turn off for many women.

A Step by Step Guide on How to Give a Massage

Don’t worry if this is your first time to give a massage. We’ll try to simplify things and keep them as brief as we can for your convenience.

Massage the feet

Always pay attention to this part of the body. Use your thumbs and fingers in an alternating rhythm only to apply pressure to the arches of the feet, the shin and the fingers. Spend around 5 minutes on each foot.


Relax the legs

For this, you can use your thumbs or the base of your palms – whichever you’re most comfortable with. Stretch the skin slightly by applying light pressure. Called effleurage, this technique effectively releases tension from the muscles. Work your way up her thighs, right up to her lower back.


Move on to her neck

Use only your thumbs here. Use the press and release technique. Here, you apply pressure from your thumbs, digging lightly into her skin and then releasing your grip. Do this along the nape of her neck, right up to the base of her skull.


Knead gently

Have you ever kneaded dough? Because this technique is very similar to it. Use the base of your palms to apply gentle pressure along her spine, triceps, rib cage and hamstrings. Always make sure that you aim for the muscles, not the skin. Make sure not to go overboard; you’re trying to please her, not torture her.


Try the t-stroke

Start from the centre of the lowest point in her back. Using your fingertips or palms together, apply slight pressure and slowly move upward toward the nape of her neck. When you reach that area, slowly lead your hands and spread on each side of her shoulder. Keep applying pressure. Once you reach the tip of her shoulders, use your fingertips to move along the side of her rib cage on each side. Reach the centre of the bottom of her back, and repeat when working on giving a massage to her.


End with a head massage

Now that you’ve covered the entire body, it’s time to finish the massage by focusing on her head. Use only your thumbs and fingertips for this, because using anything more would put unnecessary pressure on her scalp. Apply firm pressure on her scalp, forehead and temples. Again, you can use the press and release technique, or if at all possible, the t-stroke. When learning how to give a massage on the head, look at her reaction time to time in order to get the perfect assessment about which of your techniques work best for her.


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