Building a friendship is easy. However, keeping the friendship becomes difficult when you fall for your best friend or if your friend falls for you. Would you prefer to keep the friendship or bring it to another level? If you are already imagining of wedding bells, here are tips on getting your best friend to fall for you.

How to Get Your Best Friend to Fall for You

The hardest parts of falling in love is creating a sense of safety, building trust, and establishing an emotional connection. You have already accomplished these because you two are already best friends. The remaining task is to move from being a best friend to the man or woman that your friend dreams of.

Start Flirting

Flirting changes the dynamic of your friendship but you must learn how to do it right. Here are a few tips:

  • Flirt lightly: Be playful, and make her have fun, smile and laugh. Do not be serious when flirting or expect any acceptance or approval from her. Think flirting as a game, which should be fun.

  • Go along with her punches: As you start flirting and joking, expect her to joke around as well to test your reaction. Such tests are good because they indicate that your friend is interested in you too. Roll with her jokes and deflate them with similar jokes. Do not be ruffled or flustered by her punches. See yourself as a self-amused boy who does not need her approval.


Leave Her in Need of More

This is among the best tips on how to get your best friend to fall for you. Try the following:

  • Spend limited time together: do fun things together for a set time such as a mini round of golf, watching a comedy show, or going to a carnival.

  • Tell her that you are having a lot of fun at the highest point of your interaction, but don't do this twice in one date. In this way, you let her know that you are attracted to her not only because of her appearance.

  • Touch her: start by touching safe places such as upper back, forearms, and shoulders. Touching increases intimacy and gives her permission to touch you.


Have Boundaries

Setting boundaries is an important step in getting her to reciprocate your love. Stop attending to all of her emotional needs. For instance, stop listening to her complaints about her love life. You do not have to declare such boundaries. Just take simple actions like determining the reason why she wants to talk to you before responding to her calls or texts. 


Focus on Her Feedback Only

Do not listen to her friend’s opinions on how she feels about you. If she has shared her feelings with them, they are likely to give you distorted and amplified feedback. Ignore feedback that does not come from her. Instead, keep trying and doing fun things together. Adventurous, daring, and exciting activities release a chemical in the body called nonrepinephrine, which is associated with romantic feelings. Identify fun and daring activities that excite her.


Ask Directly

Another effective tool of how to get your best friend to fall for you is to ask for her opinion about moving your friendship into a relationship. Do not try this if you are not ready to lose a friend. Be honest about feelings, ask for her honest opinions and give her a way out. Let her know you can take it if she does not feel the same way. Giving her such an option may save your friendship if she has no feelings for you. Avoid getting too emotional and breaking down when expressing your feelings. Or she may assume that you are using emotions to manipulate her or opt to remain your friend.


Improve Your Self-Confidence

Building your confidence is necessary if you want your best friend to fall in love with you. Here are a few tips:

  • Improve your body language: learn and adopt the body language that makes you look confident. For instance, learn to smile and stand up straight throughout the day.

  • Learn how to talk to beautiful women: Go to your favorite club or bar whenever you can and talk to women. This approach teaches you to talk to beautiful women without getting carried away.

  • Act confident: act as if you are confident until you become confident. Just watch how confident men act and imitate them.

  • Improve your physical appearance: keep in touch with your body, exercise regularly, wear clothes with taste and style and change your haircut. Ask for help where necessary. New items in your wardrobe will boost your confidence.


Be Persistent

To learn how to get your best friend to fall for you, you should be willing to keep trying even when you get no hints from her. Try to be more obvious and spend some time with her alone without making it look like a date. For instance, you can ask her to join you as you study. Or share a mix-tape of your favorite songs with her. The tape will help her understand you better and show her another side of you. Bear in mind try to include some of her favorite songs in the tape.


Know When to Back Off

Backing off allows her to realize the importance of having you in her life. Back off after making sure that you are in the right direction. For instance, skip a day or two if you are used to seeing her every day. She will be longing to see you and realize how she feels about you. Ensure that you have a valid reason for staying away; otherwise it will appear like that you are avoiding her intentionally. Spend a day with another girl if you are sure that it will work. Your aim should be getting her to see that other girls enjoy being around you but not making her super jealous.


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