With an increasing number of US states legalizing the use of marijuana, weed users must be breathing a sigh of relief. Even so, there’s no denying that smoking weed comes with its own set of stigmas and problems forced onto users by society. So whatever your reasons might be for wanting to hide the fact you smoke, you’re here to know how to get rid of that weed smell. And that’s exactly what we will give to you.

How to Get Rid of Weed Smell

Here is a mixture of some blatantly obvious and some out of the box ideas on getting rid of weed smell easily and without spending too much money. Ready?

Use a room spray

Dude, duh. Open your windows and use a room spray. Make sure not to use too much, otherwise smelling an excessive amount of room spray in a room that’s rarely sprayed with fresheners is definitely going to arouse suspicion. No room fresheners? No problem. Use an old deo. No deos? No issue. Use a freaking Febreze.


Try the smoke out spray

Now products like this are truly unique. What this spray does is not mask the odor of weed, but completely neutralize it. And it does so by leaving behind a fresh minty fragrance! It comes in an 8oz. size and lots of hotels, clubs and bars use similar sprays so as to avoid getting entangled with the law.


Use odor resistant bags

How to get rid of weed smell? Use odor resistant bags! Yes, they really are a thing. Now if you carry your weed with you but are always afraid of people sniffing it out, then it’s no longer a problem for you. Brands like SmellyProof and ReeferKeeper are made specifically to keep the odor of items stored inside them. They come in the shape of tubes and as the cherry on top of the cake, they’re water resistant!


Wear a raincoat

The easiest way to not let the smell of weed smoke settle on your clothes is to either smoke naked… or wear something over your clothes that’ll either keep the smell away or absorb it so that your clothes are saved. Raincoat is just one of the many options available to you. You can use an old shirt you’re about to throw, a big trash bag or pretty much anything else that comes to mind. Sure, you’ll look weird, but hey. If it works, it works! And don’t forget to cover your hair.


Try vape pens

If the smoke coming out of your pen is a major cause of concern for you, then why not opt for vape pens? Not only does it greatly restrict the smoke that comes out of burning marijuana, but it also reduces the headache of the smell of the smoke staying on your clothes or fingers – and that’s because of the very low amount of smoke it produces!


Sit near a fireplace

Obviously, this is one of those “how to get rid of weed smell” ideas that doesn’t work in every situation, but if you do happen to be near a fireplace that has fire burning in it, use it to your advantage. Sit near the fire and blow your smoke into the fireplace. Nobody’s gonna notice the smoke or the smell.


Try the toilet paper hack

Have you ever heard of a sploof? It’s a filter that helps neutralize the smell of weed, wherever you are. It’s cheap, easy, quick and very convenient to make. Of course, you can make it out of other ingredients found lying around in your home, but this is the basic material list:

  • A cardboard tube from a paper towel or toilet paper roll

  • Rubber band or tape

  • Dryer sheets

Here’s a 1-minute video that explains it in very simple steps:


Blow smoke directly into a filter

If you think a DIY project is a little too much for you, try readymade filters that are easily available in the market! The Snubbz disposable smoke filter or the Smoke Buddy might be ideal for your requirements. Like the sploof mentioned above, all you have to do is blow your smoke towards the filter, and nothing but fresh air will come outside from the other end.


Cover it up with cigarette smoke

This is one of the easiest ways to cover that smell of weed. The smell of the smoke from cigarettes is so strong that it pretty much kills every other smoke scent in the room. But this is also one of the least liked ways of how to get rid of weed smell, because a lot of marijuana smokers do not like smoking cigarettes. But hey, when push comes to shove, we all gotta do whatever it takes to save our asses, right?


Be smart about opening your window

Too many people open their windows all the way, which is stupid because that amount of air is just gonna breeze right in, which means the smoke you’re trying to ventilate outside, is just gonna come back right in with the fresh air. So what should you do? Open your window just a little bit, take a hit and blow the smoke out of the window slowly.


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