The script is always the same. You starting going out with a beautiful girl who likes hanging out with you. She seems to enjoy your jokes. You start thinking that she may be interested in you but you are too scared to ask. After a long time of being friends, you decide to reveal your feelings but she looks surprised. She is comfortable being your friend but you want more. If you do not know how to get out of the friend zone, here are a few tips.

How to Get Out of the Friend Zone


Accept That You Are in the Friend Zone

You probably think about that special person every night and pick his or her call on the first ring. You do not make any plans for the weekend just in case he or she needs help to move. You keep hoping that special person will one day realize you are the right person to spend the rest life with. Moving from the fantasy to reality is impossible with your current approach. Your gut feeling, instincts, and intuition are wrong because you are just in the friend zone. Get rid of them and start on a clean slate.


Identify the Role You Play in Your Friend’s Life

You are in the friend zone because your friend sees you in a certain way. If your friend views you as a backup boyfriend or girlfriend, a family, or a therapist, then you have a lot of work to do. You need to change the dynamics between you two. In order to learn how to get out of the friend zone, determine if you are willing to take the risk to change the role you are currently playing.


Reveal Your Feelings

Hold a conversation with your friend and let them know how you feel. Expect a response that reveals his or her true feelings towards you. It sounds simple but starting the conservation is the hardest part but you cannot get out of the friend zone without this confession. 

There are good and bad ways to reveal your feelings. And bear do not start the conversation when talking on the phone, staring at your computer, or when drunk. Confess in person when you two are in a private and quiet place and when you two are in a sober state.


Keep Some Distance

It sounds impossible to separate you from your friend. You probably think that he or she will forget about you when you are out of sight. On the contrary, the more you stay away, the more you are missed. Separation helps your friend realize that life sucks without you. Your friend will stop taking your friendship for granted. Separation is the most important part of moving out of the friend zone. Your friend may never know how important you are if you do not give them time to miss you.


Have a Life

You need to get a life, which will make you unavailable but really attractive. Do not pretend to have a great life especially on social media. Get so busy that someone can tell from far that you have changed. People can tell when you are faking a busy or good life. The importance of getting a life to moving out of the friend zone is that your friend begins to see you as a real man or woman. He or she will become interested in your life and even want to be involved. This is definitely a positive signal when you are trying to get out of friend zone.


Show You're Wanted

Another effective way of how to get out of the friend zone is to let your crush realize that other girls or boys want to go out with you. You may be skeptical about this approach but it works. In this ways, you can make her or him know that you are wanted out there. Your crush is likely to take off his or her competitive nature when he or she realizes that you are wanted. The girl or boy may also try to prove subconsciously that she or he can have you.


Ask the Girl Out for a Date

Ask for a non-date if she is hesitant at first. You can continue walking in the park as friends until she agrees to a romantic date. Allow her to notice and feel your romantic feelings towards her. Things should take an intimate turn after the first few dates. You could be stuck in the friend zone if she thinks you are too scared to go to the next level or not attracted to her.


Don't Always Be the “Sweet Girl” or “Nice Guy”

The characteristics of the sweet girl and nice guy keep many people in the friend zone. The stereotype is to avoid making others uncomfortable at all cost. They hold back from expressing their feelings or moving their friendships to relationships. When you put other people’s feelings before your own, you unconsciously tell others that your feelings are not important. People may be attracted to agreeable friends but may doubt their intentions. What's more, inaction shows that you are not interested.


Change the Way You Touch

People touch differently in friendship and in a relationship. Some people are scared of touching in the wrong way until they end up not touching at all. Break the touch barriers, take a few risks and try touching their hair, ankles, hands, back or shoulders. Touching shows that one is confident and attracted to the other person. Your crush will give reaction if he or she does not like it. Remember that if your crush just sees you as a friend rather than a woman or man, he or she may not get the meaning of your touching.


Know When to Leave

The previous points show you how to get out of the friend zone, but you need to make tough decisions if you try them all but the person does not give in. The person may not be interested in you for unknown reasons. You may never develop feelings for another person if you keep hanging out with such a friend. You will be frustrated and jealous if the person dates someone else. Consider relating them just as acquaintances even if your friend gets offended. Keep distance for real and time will finally free you. 


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