Motivation is fire that comes from within, but sometimes, you need to do something to keep that fire burning bright. Everyone has to face that moment when the happiest moments dissipate or you have little energy to work enthusiastically and creatively. Sometimes, you feel emotionally and mentally drained with no strong fire left to accomplish your dreams, peruse a new career, work on a project, commit to a relationship, start a new business or achieve a financial goal. Luckily, you can take small steps to maintain the momentum and get what you want in life.

How to Get Motivated

If you've been wondering how to find motivation, the following points will definitely guide you in the right direction.

Use Visualization to Succeed

Whatever your goal is, you should visualize it to get the motivation you need to succeed. The important thing is that you have to visualize it down to the minutest detail. Be sure to feel it and see it clearly and specifically. Visualizing your performance ahead of your time will go a long way in helping you achieve your goal.


Learn to Come Out of Your Comfort Zone

It is possible to lose your self-esteem and develop a notion that tomorrow is not going to be any different than today. You start feeling comfortable in depression, which is actually not the right thing to do. To learn how to get motivated, take steps to break the cycle, learn to come out of your comfort zone, and be sure to do things differently. When you do them differently, the outcome is different, and sometimes even much better.


Identify Your Greatest Sources of Inspiration

Grab a pen and paper and write down the names of at least three people who make you feel motivated or whose words have inspired your willing to fight and made you confident. Call them or visit them and appreciate them for the value they always bring to your life. This support network will always help you accomplish your goals. You may also want to use other ways to find inspiration, which could be reading success stories online, visiting some blogs, reading magazines and books, etc.


Find Out Activities to Unlock Creativity and Energy

Maybe you feel inspired while touring a museum, browsing the bookstore, visiting the shopping center, playing at the beach or attending a music concert. Similarly, some people get excited through an activity like hiking, dancing, volunteering or exercising. Know yourself and identify the environment that awakens your enthusiasm to feel motivated. Being engaged in an inspiring activity will give you energy that you can use towards achieving your goals.


Make a Commitment to Personal Excellence

Most people usually have a commitment to getting the job done, but they are usually not concerned about doing things in an excellent manner. Your self-image, self-respect, and personal motivation will skyrocket if you make a conscious decision to do everything as well as you can. Your commitment to excellence will always push you to achieve your goal and teach you how to get motivated.


Start Small and Stop Thinking Big

Take tiny baby steps to something new and it will all fall into place. In other words, you need to set the bar low mainly because you're not functioning at your 100% when you're feeling depressed. Suppose you want to exercise. Instead of working out 5 days a week, start small and stick to 2 or 3 days a week or you may do it daily but only for five minutes a day. Just be sure to do it at the same time without fail. After a week, gradually increase the minutes you spend exercising. You will find the confidence from every small achievement you have gained.


Focus On Benefits

Instead of focusing on your difficulties, try to think more about the benefits you get out of something you should do or want to do. For many, it is difficult to exercise regularly, so they lose motivation too quickly. Instead of thinking about the effort you need to put in while exercising, you should think about how people will appreciate your figure if you become slimmer. So, have your focus fixed on the positives.


Know There Will Be Ups and Downs

You need to understand that motivation is not a constant thing; instead, it will come and go. You need to recognize this fact and learn what to do when it's gone. Also, remember that it will not be gone forever, just stay positive and know things will take a turn which will be great and positive.


Have a Flexible Strategy

It is a good idea to have a strategy, but be ready to change course to find success. Yes, there are ways to fail, but there's also many ways that can succeed. Be sure to try different ones if you find one has not been fit and you will succeed in the end.


Face No Motivation at Some Point Calmly

Don't take it as defeatist thinking: it's not. You have to understand that you will lose motivation at some point, so be prepared for it and know how to tackle temporary setbacks. Just bear in mind what Winston Churchill said, "Never, ever, ever, ever, give up."

Sometimes, all you need to feel motivated is "you". Learning the art of self-motivation will always work in your favor in the following video, Scott Geller, a distinguished professor of psychology, will point you in the right direction.


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