A number of delicious dishes are known to leave some offensive cooking odors all over your home. Fish is one of such items that can leave annoying odors in your home. No matter how tasty the food is, you will have to deal with the odors that will linger in the kitchen and all through the house. When you use fish for cooking, especially while broiling and frying them in preparation for making that favorite dish, it can leave some unpleasant fish smell in your kitchen. In fact, a fish smell is a turn off no matter where it is perceived. However, the fish smell can wear off within days or at most a few days.

How to Get Fish Smell Out Of House: 3 Steps to Refresh the Air

Step 1: Vacuum the Scraps of Fish

  • Clean up the scraps of fish. If you leave scraps of fish littering the garbage, you will have smells hanging in your home atmosphere. One way to clean the blade of waste disposal garbage is use it for grinding up some ice. You can equally pour half cup of baking soda and a lot of warm water down the drainage pipe for cleaning purposes.

  • Throw the trash away. Leaving fish scraps all over your kitchen will make your kitchen smell. For how to get fish smell out of house, throw the trash away, and get the garbage cleaned out using a disinfectant spray to remove all the food scraps and all bacteria that are responsible for the odor.

Step 2: Clean Yourself and Utensils

  • Clean cooking utensils. Make a paste with water and baking powder and rub it on the surface of your wooden chopping block, or sprinkle some salt to rid the wood of the smell. Fresh lemon can also work on wood. To complete the task, mix lemon juice and water; use a clean rag to clean your wooden kitchen cupboards. Put some pieces of cut lemon inside the smelly bowls, seal it and the fishy smell leaves instantly. Cut some potatoes and put them in the smelly bowl or put some brewed tea into the smelly pan to get rid of the fish odor.

  • Deodorize yourself. Your hands and fingers pick up the odor of fish during the preparation and cooking. Rub some salt on your hands, but don't do this if you have any fresh cuts on your hands. The pain from the salt when you have a cut is much worse than the fish smell. You can refresh your hands with citrus, lemon, baking soda, or using water and a strong dish soap.

Step 3: Refresh the Air

  • No tip on how to get fish smell out of house can be complete without talking about the importance of adequate circulation of air. If the weather is convenient, keep all the windows open for the smell to escape and fresh air to come in. If possible, open your windows a bit, even if the weather is cold or hot. The smallest openings will improve the circulation of air. The earlier you open the windows, the better. Make sure your windows are opened before the cooking commences and left open until the cooking is completed. You can also leave your back door open depending on the time of the year. You can also leave your doors open, even during spring if bugs are yet to show up.

  • You can also get rid of fish odor using white vinegar. Leave a cup full of vinegar or a small bowl near your stove while cooking fish in the kitchen. Vinegar absorbs the odor easily, and leaves the room smelling clean and fresh. And you won't need to worry yourself about your house filled with the odor of vinegar. The scent of vinegar fades once the vinegar dries up.

  • You can also get rid of fish odor using lemon juice. To get rid of the smell, boil a pot of water with some tsp of lemon juice and let the brew boil for about half an hour or more to remove the smell.

  • You can also remove fish smell from your kitchen with apple. Before you start frying your fish, take some tiny slices of apple and put them in your frying pan for some minutes. This will reduce the fish odor without introducing an apple taste to the fried food.

  • You can equally boil your orange peels, lemon peels, or grapefruit peels after you are done with the cooking to remove the fish odor that emanates after frying the fish.

  • To get a good fragrance, add one tsp of cinnamon to a pot of boiling water after your fish dish has been cooked. This will leave your kitchen smelling like same way a baking pie would.


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