Gone are the days when taking care of oneself was the “job” of women. Today, an increasing number of men are turning to skin care products to take care of themselves, and rightly so. Now I’m not going to lie that the beauty regimen of men and women overlap a lot, and there’s nothing wrong about that. Even so, there are certain things that women never have to worry about like shaving face. So with such differences in mind, I’ve compiled a step by step process of how men can take care of their skins.

How to Get Better Skin, Male Friends!


Buy a face cleanser today

Most men think it’s okay to just wash their faces with soap or worse water, and just go about their day as if nothing ever happened. Wrong. A good face cleanser is necessary because cleansers are formulated especially for the gentle skin of the face. How much do you want to bet that you use a harsh soap thinking the stronger it is, the better it cleans your skin? On the contrary – the harsh chemicals in such soaps dry up your skin, making it appear wrinkly and much older.


Invest in a good facial moisturizer

Again, a body moisturizer is supposed to moisturize your body, not your face. You can’t just use cold cream on your face and think you’re ready to go. Of course, the worst thing you can do is to not apply anything to your face. Because with the passage of time, your skin is only going to get dry even if you have oily skin, which will result in premature wrinkles. This is one of the best methods on how to get better skin. Male friends never ignore this.


Say no to cheap razors

Here’s the thing. The average man shaves 3-5 times a week, which means you’re gonna use your razor very frequently. So why even bother buying cheap or disposable ones? If it’s about the price, then it’s smarter to invest in a razor that’ll last for years, rather than a razor you are forced to replace and pay for every month or week.

And remember – don’t buy into the market hype of multiple blade razors – they only increase your chances of cuts and burns. Also make sure you always shave after you wash your face to minimize chances of bacteria on your skin entering any open pores.


Choose a moisturizing shaving gel

Again, there really is no harm in choosing so many moisturizing products. If you have dry skin, great, that is what you really need! If you have oil skin, then the regular application of moisturizing products on your face is only going to keep your skin’s sebum production under control. It’s a win-win situation for you.


Use an alcohol free aftershave

When it comes to how to get better skin, males should know that alcohol only tends to dry your skin up. If possible, invest in an aftershave that has aloe vera, vitamin E or other similar ingredients which are good for dry or sensitive skin.


Purchase a sunscreen or sunblock

If your face cream has sunscreen in it, great. If not, then you have to protect your skin from harmful UV rays of the sun, especially if your job forces you to work outside a lot. An SPF 30 is the bare minimum that you need for your skin. Know that the darker your skin is, the higher the SPF it will require. Plus, sunscreen stops your skin from getting red, irritated or even skin cancer. Always remember to apply it at least 20 minutes before stepping out.


Try pigment-correcting serum

If you have mature skin and have noticed dark spots around your face, you’re a victim of pigmentation. And the only solution for this problem is to buy a good quality pigment correction cream or serum, which will not only help get rid of your dark spots and skin discolorations, but also keep premature wrinkles at bay. Always apply it before going to sleep and let it do its magic overnight.


Try a face scrub

I would suggest people with dry skin avoid scrubs altogether, until and unless they have a serious problem of dirt getting stuck in their faces or deep blackheads. If you have normal to oil skin, then a face scrub is your best friend. Not only does it get rid of all the grime from your face, but also helps in controlling the oil balance of your skin. Just make sure that you buy a gentle scrub with microbeads, because they are gentler on your face. You can do this gentle scrub daily.


Apply under eye cream

How to get better skin? Males never forget about the sensitive and tender skin under your eyes. If you have dark circles under your eyes, you need an under eye cream. Duh. Until and unless you like looking like a raccoon, in which case, good for you.


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