Soon the season will be changing. The leaves will turn green, the flowers will start to bloom, and a whole crowd of unwanted guests will fill your home the first moment you crack your windows for some fresh, springtime air. Houseflies. They are tremendously annoying and frustratingly impossible to get rid of…so it would seem. I have discovered five wonderful home-friendly ways to get rid of houseflies without swatters or sprays or creepy tape traps. What makes them so home friendly? They are all centered on specific scents. Scents that make your home smell lovely and drive and keep flies away.

Part 1



Poke about 20 whole cloves into a ripe apple or a piece of citrus fruit of any kind, place it on a plate and watch the flies disappear. In your home, these fragrant pomanders (as they are called) can last for weeks.



Lavender is one of the easiest ways to get rid of houseflies because it is available in so many forms. Plus, flies absolutely hate it. Growing lavender plants outside, putting a bouquet of fresh lavender in a vase, burning lavender oil near the window, or simply placing candles and plug-ins around the house are just a few ways that you can use lavender to keep the flies away while keeping your homes smelling beautiful.



Many manufactured bug repellants contain orange or lemon extracts, and that’s because it is a natural bug deterrent. I mentioned above using citrus in the pomander. But you may also try putting fresh citrus peels in an area where the flies are, place them in a small cloth pouch or muslin teabag (for more aesthetic appeal) and rub the peels every once in a while to keep the scent fresh.



Flies do not like the scent of basil, however, basil is a terrific herb that works well in gardens, flowerbeds and potted plants. Plant basil near the window or entryway to prevent flies from entering the house, or in your flower bed near your porch to keep the flies away when you’re outside.



Although it can get expensive, pine oil is a very effective method for keeping the houseflies away. Dab a few drops on a cheesecloth and place it near the flies and they should fly away quickly.


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