Making someone trust you again is never going to be easy. Still, you can learn some suggestions that can help you to gain trust back while dealing with a friendship, a romantic relationship, or even a professional relationship. You will have to put in some effort to make amends for what you have done wrong in the past. Here are some suggestions for you.

How to Gain Trust Back


Admit Your Mistake

First of all, accept that you have done something wrong. There is no way to move ahead when you do not want to admit your mistake. Be quick to apologize, but do not go overboard with this. A heartfelt "sorry" is usually enough to make others know that you really mean it.


Try to Be Dependable

If you want to know how to gain trust back, you need to understand that what you say is important, but your actions are equally important to help win someone's trust back. You have to show that you are dependable and can change yourself. Learn to keep your words. If you say you will not be late, be punctual to keep your words with your action. It is very important to let the other person know that he or she can count on you. So, be careful with what you say, but once you have made a commitment, go the extra mile to keep your words.


Give the Other Person Some Space

You might be feeling bad about what you have done and might also be thinking of making things go back to normal.  Just do not push things too hard. You need to be quick to apologize, but understand that you have hurt someone's feeling and he or she might still be feeling angry or sad. Give the other person some space to heal and then try to resolve the situation. If the other person asked you to stop calling him or her at least for few days, be sure to give the person the space. Pushing things further when the other person is still not in a mood to listen to you is only going to make things worse.


Show How Much You Care

To learn how to gain trust back, you need to understand the importance of taking extra steps to show your love. Follow the three A's here – Attention, Affection, and Appreciation. You have to demonstrate these feelings to make the other person start trusting you again. Something as little as giving your partner a hug can show your affection. Similarly, you can give your partner some more attention by keeping your promises and being mindful of little things. And of course, use words to appreciate the other person and tell him or her how much you care about them.


Take on Extra Responsibility

By taking extra responsibility, you can actually show the other person how trustworthy you are. It works great whether you are trying to rebuild trust in a professional or personal relationship. It also shows you are serious about gaining their trust back. In your office, you can volunteer to spend more hours at work to finish your assignment. In a personal relationship, you may help your partner with household chores or just lend a helping hand in any way possible. 


Be Patient

Understand that you have hurt someone's feelings and it is going to take time until he or she is in a position to listen to you. Understand that it takes time to build trust in a relationship, and it takes even longer to repair it. Just be patient but be sure to state your points as clearly as possible. If you dwell too much on the situation, you are only going to feel bad about yourself. Take your time and stop thinking too much about the situation.


Be Transparent

You cannot win someone's trust and get back into a relationship unless you maintain transparency in whatever you say or do. You should be so transparent that it should actually scare you. That is when you are sending a credible signal to the other person that you are serious about gaining your trust back. Be sure to bring every decision you make to open to avoid any confusions or misunderstandings.


Listen to What They Have to Say

How to gain trust back? After you have done all things you can do, now it's time to listen to what the other person wants to say. Be willing to listen to how the other person really felt when you betrayed him or her. The other person may have feelings of resentment, anger, and even sadness. He or she might let it all out and make you feel bad about everything, but you have to face all these feelings. The other person tells you everything because he or she wants you to know that your actions mean a lot. Make sure to listen to every word the other person says and put in as much efforts as you can to make him or her believe that no such thing will happen again.


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