If you are a shoe lover, then most probably you have come across this kind of problem- found a pair of shoes that had stolen your heart but are too big for you. You know that this pair gave you that “love at first sight” feeling but the space between your heels and back of the shoes are not nice to see and will definitely make it difficult for you to walk so you get frustrated because you know you can’t have them. Don’t worry, this article will teach you different tricks on how to six your problem.

How to Fix Shoes That Are Too Big


Use rubber shoe strips

These strips can be bought on drugstores. Shoe strips are used to reduce the space at the back of your shoes. You must first figure out how large the space is between your heel and the shoe by walking around. Stick the rubber shoe strip at the back of the shoes then continue layering the strips until your shoes fit properly.


Use insoles

Insoles are of different sizes. There're full insoles that cover the whole bottom of your shoes. There are also smaller insoles that cover the balls of your feet. How to fix shoes that are too big is easier by using this trick. Insoles can also be used together with the shoe strips or alone; they not only reduce the excess space on your shoes but also serve as cushion that adds comfort while you walk.


Try "ball of foot pads"

If your shoes are only slightly large and putting on a full insole will make it too tight, using a ball-of-foot pad is recommended. Just like insoles, these are also placed under your feet, specifically the balls of your foot- the part before the toes begin. They are smaller that is why they are hard to see and they take up little space, perfect for “not so large” but “not so fit” shoes. They are also available in different colors so you have a lot to choose from to make them compliment the color of your shoes.


Put tissue on your toes

Another easy trick on how to fix shoes that are too big that you can do anywhere is by stuffing the toes of your shoes with soft materials like tissue or cotton especially if your feet slide into the front from the back of your shoes. This is recommended when you are wearing flats, boots and closed-toes heels. But if you will be walking a lot or do some extraneous activities, this is not advised because it can make you uncomfortable. 


Put on some heel strips

These kind of strips can be placed anywhere on the shoes to remove excess space. These are commonly used to pad shoes with heels that give you a pinching feeling. Heel strips are recommended for tight heels but some users have complained of having blisters after using these kinds of strips.


Use water

Before doing this trick, make sure to check the care label of your shoes. How to fix shoes that are too big should not be difficult, but if this trick is not done correctly, it may damage your shoes instead of making them fit. 

  • The first thing to do is wet your shoes with water, if your shoes are made up of leather or suede, use a spray bottle. If your shoes are made of rubber such as casual or athletic shoes, simply soak them in water. 

  • After wetting your shoes, let them air dry by putting them under the sun. If the weather is not sunny, you may use a hair dryer. Make sure to put it in the lowest setting and don’t point it too close to your shoes. Some materials such as polyester have the tendency to melt or burn when exposed to too much heat. 

  • Try your shoes on once they are dry to see if they fit; if not, you may repeat the process. If you want to make sure that your shoes will fit, you may try wearing them while letting them dry. For suede and leather shoes, make sure to condition your shoes after drying. Shoe conditioners can be bought on drugstores and on shoe repair shops.


Sew an elastic band on your shoes

This is another trick on how to fix shoes that are too big, but try this only if you have experience in sewing shoes. All you need is a strong elastic band, needle and thread. Stretch and sew an elastic band on the inside of your shoes, this should pull the material of your shoes and make it fit tighter.


Seek professional help

If you want to permanently get rid of worrying about the size of your shoes and your difficulty in walking because of its size, you may consider having them resized by a professional. Visit a shoe repair shop and ask them if they can remove some of the material to make them fit your size. This is more expensive than shoe strips and insoles but this trick will definitely work.


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