If you haven’t got into it, coconut oil is one of the great health food you can get out there. It boost the good cholesterol in your body, a great energy source and raises your metabolism. It contains lauric acid that strengthens your immune system so your body fight off diseases better. The best part is, it’s easy to incorporate it into your diet! Its mild sweetness goes well with beverages or you can use it as an oil substitute to stir-fry meat! We will show you 10 superb ways on how to eat coconut oil.

How to Eat Coconut Oil: 10 Superb Ways to Absorb the Nutrition in Coconut Oil


Eat it Raw

How to eat coconut oil? Just eat it raw. The raw taste of coconut oil might be considered an acquired taste and the oil texture might feel repulsive to many. But eating it straight a spoonful a day is the easiest way to consume it. The great thing about it is that by eating it raw, it helps you to feel fuller and so it reduces your appetite. 20 mins before a meal can help you to loss weights as you feel more satisfied eating smaller portions and your metabolism is boosted too as an added bonus.


Add to Beverage

If you don’t think you can handle them raw, then just add it to your daily coffee or tea. A teaspoon or so onto your hot beverage and stir till they all meld together. The slightly sweet coconut flavor could replace some of the sugar added to your drink. For a frothy treat, have some coffee blended with the coconut oil!


Use in Smoothies

Add coconut oil to smoothies for a mild coconut taste. About one to two tablespoons, along with the rest of the ingredients would usually do. Need a quick pick me up? Why not a cup a milk, coconut oil and a cup of ice! One ripe banana blended with a tablespoon of coconut oil for a refreshing tropical mix!


Make Coconut Oil Chocolate

Coconut oil chocolate bars. Imagine a crunchy, juicy, sweet and chocolaty family treat that is also healthy and easy to store. They are easy to make and boost your metabolism, excellent deserts after your meal. They kept well in the freezer, so have a batch of them ready for those chocolate cravings.


Make Granola

If you are one of those new age hippie kids that enjoy granola bars, then consider using coconut oil next time you are making the next batch. A mix of the aroma of oats and nuts are simply irresistible. Most ingredients might get burned in the high heat oven, ruining the baked goods, but not coconut oil. They can survive the blast furnace and still hold their flavors and fragrance.


Roast Vegetables

Need a kick in flavor for your roasted veggies? Toss your winter vegetables and roots with a healthy mixture of salt, pepper, rosemary, thyme, a dash of lemon juice and, of course, a dressing of coconut oil and pop them in the oven as per normal.


Sauté Vegetables

The high smoke point of coconut oil makes it safe for high temperatures cooking, making it a great substitute for whatever cooking oil you usually use. Stir fry your favorite veggies in it or sauté them. Scoop and drops a few tablespoons of your coconut oil to melt in a pan, add your veggies once it’s hot and add your ingredients in and season it to taste!


Substitute for Eggs

Coconut oil can be used to replace eggs for the binding agent. Need to cook for that vegan friend? Use coconut oil instead. Need more chances to eat coconut oil? Replace eggs needed for the recipe with coconut oil. For everyone one egg, use 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, adjust as necessary for the consistency that you need.


Substitute for Butter

Coconut oil is probably one of the healthier substitutes for those fatty butter. Due to its property of having high melting points, you can replace any paleo-baked goods with coconut oil whenever butter, shortening or most vegetable based oils are needed. The lightness you can get from the result is nothing compared to what butter can offer.

Like butter, it’s solid at room temperature, so you would need to melt it before mixing it with the dough for baking. If your coconut oil comes in a jar, then place it in a bowl or pan of hot water and let it sit for a while. You can also plonk it inside the microwave and heat it for 20 seconds, but be aware that some people argued that using microwave might kill off some of the essential nutrients. Again like butter, mixing with cold ingredients would mean quick stirring to avoid clumps from the oil solidifying. If you need a diary-free option, consider coconut oil as well.

However, while you can do a one-for-one substitute for coconut oil with butter, in general, you might still need to make a few adjustments. Coconut oil gives less moisture to the baked goods than butter does, so adding a dash or two of any liquid needed in a recipe is a good idea. If you want to limit the coconut flavor it lends, then just substitute the butter for half-half. In this case, you don’t have to adjust for anything and the recipe will still contain butter.


Eat Coconut and Coconut Products

How to eat coconut oil if you don’t have access to the oil or so? Just consume coconut! Coconut provides the same essential nutrients that make the coconut oil good source of healthy fatty acids. Coconut meat, whether raw or dried, goes well on salads, smoothies or a fruit bowl. So if you love coconuts, just include them in your diet and you will consume more coconut oil as well!


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