Wow! You just cannot wait to taste that super amazing pizza that waters your mouth while it’s still in oven. Just as it is taken out from oven, you pounce to taste it. Without wasting a second, you directly push it into your mouth. Only to scream and reflexively eject out from the mouth. The reason? Isn't it obvious? It was too hot and you burn your tongue in the process!

It is quite common to get a burnt tongue accidentally in the excitement of tasting your favorite delicacy. You, too, might have had a burnt tongue with a gulp of hot coffee. If you had searching remedies on how to heal a burnt tongue, here we give you six super effective home-made tips from grandma’s kitchen that may cure a burnt tongue.

6 Natural Ways to Cure Your Burnt Tongue


Eat Lots of Sugar When You Suffer Burnt Tongue

Well, this is a really effective tip when you burn your tongue with some hot liquid. Whenever you suffer a burnt tongue after sipping a hot cup of tea or a coffee, don’t run for cover but look for sugar jar. Sugar contains lot of glucose in it that immediately soothes down the flesh of the tongue. As tongue is very sensitive part, the heating can get absorbed to the pores of the tongue. It also makes the outer surface of tongue very delicate when tongue is burnt very severely. The sugar not only provides an instant relief, but you get sweet taste in the mouth as well. It is better to use the crushed sugar (powdered form) to treat a burnt tongue as it would heal it much faster.


Place Ice Cubes on Your Tongue

When you eat any hot food item without acknowledging its temperature, your tongue is going to get burnt. If you have gulped that tasty pancake right from the oven onto your mouth, you’ll scream at your instant reflex. If you do not know where sugar is placed, you can just opt for the refrigerator-born ice cubes. Just open the fridge and remove the ice tray out. Pick up some ice cubes and place it on your tongue. You will feel much better and the burning sensation of the tongue vanishes as long as ice cubes are rested on the tongue. Do not worry if you gulp down ice into your throat, it would melt in matter of minutes. You can even massage the ice cubicles all over the burnt tongue.

So whenever you burn the tongue after putting the heated food, look for ice cubicles. The ice is an effective answer for how to heal a burnt tongue.


Apply Mint Toothpaste on Your Burnt Tongue

When you eat something really hot and you get a burnt tongue, always take care of reflexes as you are likely to spit the food out of your mouth in responsiveness to stimuli. This is not in your control and is likely to happen. If the tongue is burnt severely and unable to talk due to it, apply some toothpaste on the tongue. But do not use a fluoride toothpaste. Get a mint toothpaste and apply over the surface area of the burnt tongue. It would provide cooling effect to the tongue. Try to keep the tongue out of your mouth for some time until the paste dries up on the tongue’s skin. Then wash it with cold water and eat some sweet stuff like liquid chocolate or honey. In fact, you can even use honey as anti-burn agent. Yes, honey is also the foodstuff what helps a burnt tongue.

Thus, if you get your tongue burnt and it’s really tricky, use the mint toothpaste to get instant relief. The cooling properties of mint are a great solution on how to cure a burnt tongue.


Take Tongue Out Of Your Mouth and Breathe Orally

If you get your tongue burnt due to any reason and don’t have anything at that moment to cure it, it is most likely you will do by nature. When the hot food is stuffed into mouth and your tongue is burnt with no resources around to soothe it, how to cure a burnt tongue at that time? Take your tongue out of your mouth completely. Let the cool air touch your burnt tongue. It will give you relief from a painful tongue that’s just burnt. Cover your tongue with a layer of saliva and remove it out from the mouth. Breathe through your mouth in this state. Try to inhale over the upper layer of tongue so that oxygen gets supplied to the tongue that soothes your burnt tongue. Keep breathing oodles of air with your tongue out until you get relief. 

Your taunting friends may relate this as a dog activity, as this is how dogs do. Anyways, you didn’t mind being a dog for few moments if it an effective burnt tongue remedy, lol. This method requires nothing, just a proper breathing technique but at the risk of making you look like doing a dog activity.


Gargle Your Mouth with Cold Water

Whenever you get a burnt tongue with nothing around to heal, you’ll always find water at your rescue. If you are out at some restaurant and you are looking for a burnt tongue remedy, rush to washroom and gargle with cold water, with special emphasis to water being spread over the tongue area. Gargle four to five times effectively with cold water. Colder the water, better the result. Even if it isn’t that cold, try hydrating your tongue and practice point 4 to get instant relief.


Apply Some Anti-Septic Sore Cream

If the tongue is burnt very seriously that it doesn’t get soothed out with home remedies, you can use an oral cream for tongue sores. Apply the cream over affected area of the tongue. If the tongue has turned red and is pricking continuously, you might need to see a doctor. But most of the times, this point will not be required as burnt tongue sores are not that serious stuff. Nonetheless, you can use anti-septic creams if you get your tongue burnt very harshly.



Aren’t these above tips really amazing for burnt tongue remedy So next time whenever you eat something hot that makes you go running here and there, keep these six awesome home-made tips up your sleeve. It’s really simple and effective, and will help a great deal on curing a burnt tongue. Well, grandma’s tips have made life so much simpler!


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