Pasta is a type of food believed to be of the ancient Italian origin usually made from wheat, water, and other ingredients; cooked by boiling water and extruded into various shapes. Whether you’re a bachelor or a college student that doesn’t cook often, and have no stove, or you always find it a big deal to set things on fire; you can use the microwave to cook your favorite pasta within 20 minutes without any hassle. It is easy, simple, and can provide a fast meal for your consumption. 

All you need to do is to put all the ingredients in order and you are good to go. If you want to learn how to cook pasta in the microwave the easier way, here are 5 tips that will help; read on this article from beginning to end and learn how to cook pasta.

How to Cook Pasta in Microwave

What you will need

It is important to know that for you to cook amazing pasta you will need all the necessary ingredients that will be used to produce your meal. These are what you will need for microwave recipes during the whole procedure.

●You will need a microwave

●You will need your preferred pasta

●You will need clean water

●If you want it to be tasty you will need salt and pepper

●You will need cheese (optional)

●You will need Strainer

●You will need olive oil or butter

●You will need tomato sauce

●You will need a bowl (preferably ceramic or glass bowl)

Chose your favorite pasta and pour some amount into the bowl

The first step on learning how to cook pasta is to pour a small amount of pasta into a bowl that will be used in the microwave (note that pasta normally swells after being cooked, a fitting cup of pasta will be enough). It is also advisable not to use a plastic bowl, a glass or ceramic-made bowl will best fit for this purpose.

Add water to the pasta in the bowl

After the pasta has already settled in the bowl, you are to add water to it. in learning how to cook pasta in the microwave; note that, equal amount of water is expected to add to it as the pasta – meaning, if you earlier poured 1 cup of pasta into the bowl, you are also expected to add 1 cup of water as well because it is always better to have plenty of water than to experience insufficiency, as pasta will absorb the water and expand as it cooks. However, it is important to know the number of people waiting to be served the meal. 

For example, if the pasta is for one person, one cup of uncooked pasta should be mixed with 1 cup of water; if you are more than one, you are expected to pour one and half cup of raw pasta and 1 ½ cup of water as well in order to maintain its balance. After that, find a plate and placed the bowl on it so that it will hold water in case it over boils.

Switch on the microwave

Learning how to cook pasta in the microwave is simple, just follow the steps involved and you are good to go. After the bowl is set, you are to place it perfectly well into the microwave and switch it on. At this stage, you will have to know the strength of your microwave and estimate how long will it take for the cooking. However, it is always better to add 5-6 minutes higher the suggested time from the pasta box so that you can have your pasta done at expected time.

Allow it to cooked and strain it over a sink

At this stage, you are expected to allow the pasta to boil and when it is done, you should use a strainer to drain excess water over a sink. However, while doing that, you should heat up your sauce in the microwave for approximately one minute.

Add your favorite seasoning and tasty ingredients into it

This is the final stage of learning how to cook pasta in the microwave. At this stage, once you are sure that all excess water has been drained from the pasta, you are to add every available ingredient that you know will add taste and flavor to it. Once you are able to do all these things, you are done and your meal will be ready for eating.


Learning how to cook pasta in the microwave will not be complete if precautions are not in place. You are advised to use an oven mitts or a towel when removing the bowl from the microwave so that it will prevent you from burning. Also in learning how to cook pasta, note that the microwave is an electric appliance; therefore, do not misused it and make sure you keep an eye on it so that you can control any possible danger that may arise.

  • Ensure you place a larger safe bowl in the microwave or you place a plate underneath so that it will catch any water that over boils.
  • It is important to know that the default microwave power settings vary depending on the manufacturer, keep in mind that you are likely going to adjust the cooking time based on the strengths of your appliance.
  • Try to check your pasta often while in the microwave to ensure it is cooking
  • You should on no account pour cold water over the pasta after removing it from the appliance.
  • If you are cooking with a meat, make sure the meat is precooked before putting it in the microwave.
  • Keep in mind that the thicker a pasta is the longer cooking time it will take.

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