Having a dog for pet can be fun, but not if you are still living with your parents. If they have never had a dog, then they have their reasons for not allowing you to have one. Maybe the thought has never crossed their mind. Or perhaps they don’t have the time to care for one. Dogs need a lot of care. Are your parents willing to clean up dog waste in the morning, afternoon and evening? Nobody wants to get into a smelly house filled with dog poop. Perhaps one of your parents is allergic to animal fur? Whatever the case, you will have to convince them to get a dog. So, how do you get them to buy into the idea? 

How to Convince Your Parents to Get a Dog


Cover some of the cost

Dogs are expensive animals. It costs money to get a good breed. And, dogs like babies, you have to wash, feed and care for them. Can you afford vet services for regular health care? If bringing a dog into the house is your idea, you have to contribute to its upkeep. You can use your savings or better still find out how to make money doing odd jobs. There are numerous entrepreneurial ideas that you can use to raise money. You can try offering simple services in the neighborhood like washing cars, walking people’s dogs or running errands.


Show you are responsible

Doing household chores is one way to convince your parents that you are responsible. If they can trust you to do the chores, they might buy your idea of getting a dog. Learn how to wash dishes, clean your room, clear the trash and water the plants before you can think of owning a dog. Your parents will not allow you to keep a dog if you are messy and disorganized in the house.


Work hard in school

Having a dog is a huge responsibility. If you are still in school, your parents expect you to focus on your education more than anything else. If you are an A student, your parents will do anything for you -- including letting you keep your favorite pet. Do you want to find out how to convince your parents to get a dog? Pass your exams with flying colors!


Give them time to think about it

Making family decisions involves lots of consultation. Owning a dog means adding a new member to the family. It is not an easy step. Your parents need time to think about it. Make the suggestion, but remember patience is key. Meanwhile, keep showing them that you are responsible enough to keep a dog. Remember, start the conversation of having a dog over dinner when the whole family is present. Your parents will need to make the decision together.


Reassure them

If the reply you get when you ask for a dog is “… I don’t know…” or “I’m not sure…”, then you need to keep proving that you’re capable of taking care of a dog. Reassure them that you will clean the dog's mess, that it will not destroy anything in the house, and that you will be in charge. Present your plan on how you intend to manage the dog in the house and accept to take responsibility, like taking it out for walks every afternoon, washing it once every 3 days, or taking it to the vet every month.


Talk about the value of dogs

Wondering how to convince your parents to get a dog? Try discussing the benefits of keeping dogs as pets with your parents. Let them know that owning a dog will keep you out of trouble, teach you to love and care for others and is also an opportunity for you to become responsible. Tell them how dogs can keep strangers away and dogs are also great companions in the home.


Research and share information regularly

The internet is a great resource. Get as much information about your pet as possible. Search for information on how to care for your dog breed, how to have fun with dogs and what dogs like to eat, etc. Be sure to capture your parents’ interests, but don’t force it on them.


Give dog adoption a try

How to convince your parents to get a dog? Show them you can take care of a dog. One practical way to this idea is to borrow a neighbor’s dog or a friend’s pet for a few days. Seeing is believing. Find out whether you can live up to your promises and let your parents see you in action. Show a different personality with the dog around. For example, if you used to spend too much time playing computer games, get out and run around with the dog. Enjoy the experience and lighten up the mood in the house. If you do this right, your parents will also have fun with a dog around. And in this way, you are one step closer to your goal.


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