One of the joys of parenthood is the suspense of knowing for the first time whether you will have a baby girl or boy. Technology has given us the gift of peeking into the womb and knowing the gender of our babies before they were even born. What all the advances in medical science are yet to solve is how we can choose whether to conceive twins or to choose our baby’s gender.

Is It Possible to Choose to Conceive Twins?

Giving birth to twins is not very common. In fact, the chance of conceiving twins in your next pregnancy is only 1.1%. Not much really. However, advances in technology and certain practices can significantly improve your chance of giving birth to two babies at once. And while non-identical twins are mostly due to the genetics of the mother, identical twins can happen to any woman. Here are a few things that, although not backed by real solid medical research, are still popular among couples who are looking for ways how to conceive twins baby boy. So why not give them a try?

Take Fertility Supplements

Regular intake of folic acid and other fertility supplements stimulates the ovaries to release more than one egg each cycle. The result is higher chance for multiple fertilization.


Practice Breastfeeding

Women who have children have a slightly higher chance of conceiving twins later. Additionally, mother who breastfeed their children is more likely to have twins in their next pregnancy compared to those who don’t.


Conceive near Menopausal Stage

It is a known fact that just before they enter menopausal stage, the ovaries of older women release more than one egg each month, giving them a higher chance of conceiving twins. However, it should be noted that getting pregnant at a later age would also expose greater danger to both the mother and the babies.


Choose Your Partner

Choosing your partner based on your desire to have twin children may not be practical at all. The only reason this advice is included here is due to the fact that family history plays a large part on who gets twins and who doesn’t. People who came from family with non-identical twins have a higher chance of parenting non-identical twins themselves.


Try In Vitro Fertilization

Couples who turn to in vitro fertilization to conceive can inquire with their doctor about the possibility of trying for twins. There is no guarantee that you will get twins through this process but the chance is still higher compared to all natural fertilization.

Is It Possible to Choose to Conceive Boys?

All medical literatures have already told us, our own OB-Gyne has explained to us patiently, and all evidences strongly support the argument that we cannot choose the gender of our babies. But no matter how much solid evidences are piled up in our face, we still cannot resist the temptation to try some out-of-this-world-methods that will help us how to conceive twins baby boy. Most of these methods sound more like fish wives tales than medically proven facts. And since most of them are harmless, most of us, whether we openly accept it or not, would want to try one of these methods at least once in our life:

High Sperm Count

Some couples choose to have sex only on ovulation day, avoiding sex leading to that day to aim for higher sperm count. The reasoning behind this method is that male sperm cells are stronger than female sperm cells, so the higher sperm count means more chances for male sperm cells to reach the egg first.


Time Your Love Making Right

The popular suggestion is to only make love at night. Others say that making love during odd days of the month works better. Still, some suggest having sex 24 hours before ovulation.


Watch What You Eat, or Drink

Pack your tummy with foods rich in protein like fish and meat, energy-rich foods like flour and pasta and salty foods before having sex and your next child will more likely be a baby boy. Well, at least so the rumor has it.


Sex Position Does Matter

Couples who already have boys probably could testify to the effectiveness of this method. They all favor deep penetration as the most effective sexual position if you want to have a baby boy. If you want to get wild in bed, the taken-from-behind (dog style) position is the most desirable way to achieve deep penetration.

Some General Tips to Increase Your Chance

Your determination is admirable if you have reached this part and still hoping for some tips on how to conceive twins baby boy. It will be a waste to leave you unsatisfied so here are some ways for you to increase your chance of having twins. Again, as a caveat, there are no solid medical evidences that actually support the following claims.

Conceive Right After Stopping Birth Control

Abruptly stopping taking pills and aiming for implantation is supposed to give you higher chance of having twins.


Eat Certain Foods

Cassava, dairy products, maca root, and other wonder foods are often pushed as solutions for couples who are desperately trying to have twins.


Eat Pineapple Core

Eating pineapple core has its own category because of the strong anecdotal evidence pointing to its effectiveness in helping in the ovulation and implantation process. The stories have gained enough ground that pineapple core supplement are now being sold in pill form.


Try Medical Intervention

Multiple egg implantation and taking fertility drugs are just two of the most popular process that help couples who are looking for tips on how to conceive twins baby boy.


Use Calcium and Magnesium Supplement

There is plenty of anecdotal evidence that support the effectiveness of the two minerals in the conception of twins. However, no clinical evidence supports this claim so make sure to check with your health provider first before taking any supplement.


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