Assuming that married couples are happy, we’d like to think the next significant march would be having a baby. This big decision is to take a step toward the extension of their generation. However, there has always been a fun issue to discuss whether to have a baby boy or a girl. While one possibly will want a girl and another a boy, this article will deal with how to conceive a boy. Married couples look cute together when they debate, right?

With the recent development of science and technology, researchers have found ways that are amusingly achievable. To choose the gender of your next descendent by means, naturally would be impressive and seemingly less harmful. However, it is recommended that you go through this article and acquire understanding of science and research on how to conceive a boy. The process is scientifically logical and will indulge you into understanding the process in detail. Let’s take a look at these tips.

How to Conceive a Boy


Shettles Method

This method is arguably one of the most renowned and talked about method due to its scientific explanation. Dr. Landrum Shettles was the first one to conduct several experiments on those wishful couples wanting to choose the genders of their baby with promising outcomes.

He explained his method on the fact that the male sperms carry chromosomes of two types; X and Y. Sperm carrying Y chromosomes are in charge for having a boy while X chromosome carriers are responsible for a baby girl. Both feature unlike characteristics as well as potentiality. Hence, we can take advantage from their qualities by giving a chance to ovulate in advance from one to another.

He explained that the sperms carrying Y Chromosomes are small, alert and prompt enough to beat the sperms that carry X chromosomes to race towards the fertilized egg. Now we know that X sperms are bigger and slower. On the other hand, X chromosomes survive much longer and have thicker defense wall than the Y chromosomes. Hence, the logic is to transport the Y chromosomes faster towards the egg in order to conceive a boy. So as to make this happen, couples will need to have intercourse on the day of ovulation to offer the Y chromosome a better possibility.


Ovulation Tracking

Ovulation is the process of releasing eggs from the ovary. The tracking of ovary is significant in the sense that the entire plan of Shettles method depends upon at what time the ovulation takes place in a female body. Tracking the ovulation can be done in various ways. Some of the well-known ways ovulation can be tracked are...

i. Calendar Tracking

Ovulation in women varies among differently. However, normal menstrual cycles cover 28 days. At approximately the half of the menstrual cycle, ovulation is due to take place. That means from the day the period begins in women, ovulation occurs around 14 days. However, it is strongly advised for those who record their menstrual cycle covering more than 31 days.

ii. Natural Indicator

Women have great natural body instincts. It is not new women complain of lower abdomen crams during the ovulation period. This aching pain is generally considered the sign of an ovulating egg released in women’s body.

iii. Medical Kit

Different varieties of ovulation tracking medical kits are readily available in marketplace and online stores, sheer thanks to market and technology development. Detection with these kits is precise and accurate though some of them are quite expensive and not reusable. For effective detection of ovulation period, it is strongly recommended to use both the kits and natural methods.


Alkaline Diet

The Y Chromosomes are vulnerable to acidic circumstances. So, it is best to undergo an alkaline diet at least a few weeks prior to conception. For those who are figuring how to conceive a boy, increased intake of sodium and potassium is recommended. Red meat, banana etc. keeps your body ph level high which is supposed to be favorable condition for Y chromosomes to survive much longer.


Experiment Kama Sutra

The method seems less likely as the connection between how to conceive a boy and intercourse doesn’t relay much interest among us. The plan is to let the sperms deposit as close to cervix entry as possible which would make easier for Y chromosomes to travel less. There are numerous intercourse positions that emphasize on rear entry position which can be found out online easily.



Well, it seems obvious that orgasm is likely to happen in an intercourse. However, the science involved is that the orgasm is directly co-related to the movement of sperms. The orgasm helps to increase the acceleration of sperms. There are several techniques known to trigger an orgasm which can be found online.


Caffeine Intake

It is believed that a caffeinated beverage intake assist in making the Y chromosomes more active. Though it is not tested scientifically, it wouldn’t hurt to enjoy a cup of coffee.


Less Heat

It is well known fact that the male sperms need cool condition to perform well. It is advised for male partner to wear boxers and avoid warm bath while getting ready for the intercourse.


Ditching the Cardio

Would you believe ditching the cardio has something to do with how to conceive a boy? Yes, there is an increased chance of conceiving a baby boy because weight loss is said to be favorable towards X chromosomes. It is advised to focus on strength and weight training at least a week before the conception.



It is always fun to play the guess-which game but it seems equally fun to work hard on choosing a gender. The above methods may succeed you to conceive a boy or not, but either way nothing is lost. Nevertheless, we like to believe that a baby boy and baby girl is both the blessing of life.


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