Clean a porcelain teapot by warming the pot with water, filling it with boiling water and adding a denture-cleaning tablet. After an hour sitting time, wash and rinse the pot. Do not use this method on a rare or collectible teapot.

Part 1


Warm the pot

Fill the pot with warm water, and allow it to warm a few minutes to prevent thermal shock when adding the boiling water. Drain the warm water from the pot


Fill with boiling water

Add enough boiling water to the pot to cover the stain. Look inside the spout to ensure there is enough water to cover any stains formed inside it.


Add denture-cleaning tablets

Place a couple of denture cleaning tablets into the pot and allow them to dissolve. The bubbles the tablets form in water help to lift the stain from the porcelain. Leave the water in the pot to soak away the stain for at least an hour before draining it.


Wash and rinse the pot

Wash the pot in hot, soapy water to remove any traces of the denture cleaner. Use warm water to rinse it well. Dry the inside and outside of the pot using a soft towel that does not scratch the surface.


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