Buying a rug for your kid’s room and organizing unique spaces according to the individuality of your child can be very joyful. Rug can turn kid’s room into a fairy tale world where it will feel happy and comfortable. Kid’s rugs should be joyful and interesting in accordance with their development and imagination.

How to Choose a Rug for Your Kid's Room


First off, why the rug?

The rug is an excellent insulator, especially during the winter. You will definitely feel it on your monthly heating bill, and on your feet. Imagine how much more pleasant is to stand on a warm and comfortable carpet rather than on the cold floor. Beautiful and functional carpet gives a completely new look to your space. Whether it is ragged or straight, lighter or darker it certainly will enrich your child’s living space. Sometimes it is enough just to change the rug and breathe new life into the old room. Children often fall down and the rug is there to soften the fall and to prevent serious injuries.


Choose wisely

If your child is aged from a few months up to 2-3 years you should choose cheerful and colorful rug full with interesting drawings because at that age, children begin to get to know the world around them. Little ones will find much more interesting to play on those rugs than on the monochrome, dull rugs. Once your child gets to a school age, carpets lose their “playground area” function and become a decorative element in the room. Therefore, at that age, it is the best to choose rugs with simple drawings and pastel shades that are stylish and that fit with the rest of the interior.


Think about cleaning

Rug will usually be used as a playground, for sitting and rolling, so it must be frequently checked and cleaned. It is also necessary to comply with the ambience and color of the room. You should choose the design of the rug according to the interests and sensibilities of the child.  Ease of maintenance – cleaning and washing and antibacterial composition of the rugs are as important as its design. Modern technology enables the production of rugs using different eco materials, including synthetic non-allergenic fabrics.


Involve your kids

Rug that you set up in the kid’s room must meet the taste and preferences of your child. Colors are particularly essential. Girls prefer pink, while boys prefer blue. That is a standard, but yellow and green colors are also soft colors and if you choose any of them you wouldn’t make a mistake. Maybe the smartest thing would be to sit together with your child and browse the Internet to see what carpet companies offer for boys and girls, in order to involve your kid in making a decision of which rug to buy.

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