If your bathroom needs more storage space, consider installing a bathroom shelf.

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Purpose of the Shelves

Shelves can make great decorating tools. In bathrooms, they add to the overall theme and d├ęcor while providing much needed storage space. The trick to decorative shelving is to keep it open. Consider installing 1 or 2 floating shelves on the wall to display pictures or candles. Determine the purpose of the shelves before installing them.


Styles of Shelves

Whether you're installing open shelves or a compact unit, you can choose from a number of styles. Soothing, simple styles that are reminiscent of spas are popular in modern bathrooms. This style adds elements of comfort, relaxation, and sophistication to the bathroom.

Cubby-style shelves allow users to store not only items such as rolled towels and linens, but also baskets and drawers filled with perfume, extra soap, and travel-sized shampoo.

Consider dainty glass shelves for smaller spaces. They can easily be cut and customized to fit any area. They add a fresh, clean feeling to any bathroom; moreover, light passes through glass, unlike wood or metal. The light creates the illusion that the items stored on glass shelves are floating, and the shelves don't seem to take up as much space. They will need a few metal brackets for support.

Wood shelves and glass shelves are both very common and very versatile for bathroom needs. Wood or metal shelves may be more cost-effective and provide more space than glass shelves, but they are less aesthetically appealing.


Storage Needs

Your storage needs determine which type of bathroom shelf to install. You may want more shelves if you plan on storing linens and cleaning supplies in the bathroom. You will need fewer if they will only hold cosmetics. Glass shelves are appropriate if you need to store small items in compact space. If you have more space to store larger items such as towels, cubby style shelves will best suit your needs.


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