You may try to break up couples with hidden motives. One possibility is that you're interested in one of them. You may also have good intentions like protecting your friend from a cheating spouse or perhaps you think they are not fit for each other. Whatever your reason, here is a guide on breaking up a couple without exposing your intention and hurting anyone.

How to Break Up a Couple


Look for Facts

Rumors are not always true. Do not start breaking up a couple before getting the facts. If you hear or suspect that your friend is being cheated on, initiate a casual conversation about relationships. Listen for clues about her feeling neglected or spending too little time with her man. Listen before drawing any conclusions. Take action and separate them after proving that the rumor is true.


Use the Couple's Weakness

Identify the couple’s weakness and use it to break them apart. For instance, if the man is jealous of his girlfriend or the girl likes to flirt, invite them to a party with many men. Take the man out and leave the girlfriend with the men. He will definitely not like what he sees when he comes back. Remember to be subtle and casual because, to make your plan work, it must remain a secret.

If the couple ends up fighting or quarrelling, your friend may want to talk to you about the event. Listen to him or her and offer comfort. Avoid expressing your feelings and allow the other person to vent all grievances. With this approach, your friend will have a chance to vocalize his or her thoughts and realize the problem in the relationship.


Initiate Trouble

One sure way of how to break up a couple is to incite trouble. If your friend talks to you about a date with her cheating boyfriend, listen carefully to all the details. Look for cues like him showing up late for the date. Bring up that issue and let your friend know that such actions are unacceptable. Try to make her suspicious of the activities that made him show up late rather than believing what he said.


Contact or Talk About the Ex

If your friend is unhappy in her current relationship, remind her of her recent ex even if you did not like him. Talk about positive things like dates with him, gifts, and memories of all their anniversaries. If talking about him does not work, contact him and bring him into the picture. He will make your friend's current guy jealous or uncomfortable.


Keep Them Apart

Keep them apart as much as possible and be more present in your friend’s life, which will help your friend see a life beyond her unhealthy relationship.

  • Ask your friend to accompany you especially on days she has dates with her man.

  • Get her a new hobby or take trips with her.

  • Look needy where necessary and let her know that you need her by your side.

  • Spend time together playing her favorite games, or sharing a meal.


Introduce Her to Someone New

Even if your friend keeps picking the wrong guys, you know the kind of man she is attracted to. Set a date with a guy she is likely to go out with. If necessary, pay someone to take her out on a date. Let the guy know how your friend likes to be treated. If your friend shows any signs of interest in the new guy, compare him to her current guy. Show her the weakness in her current boyfriend. She will start thinking of dating other good man.


Become a Confidant

Another tip on how to break up a couple is to become a confidant to one of them. Earn that person’s trust slowly. The person will start opening up and talking about the problem in the current relationship slowly. Show your support, sympathy, and understanding. Be a good listener and start showing the person the possibility of being happy with someone else.

But do not appear needy and act like you want to be with him or her all the time. Avoid asking your friend to hang out with you every time he or she has a date. Be there for your friend without calling or texting them every five minutes.


Act Like the Devil's Advocate

When one party begins to talk about his or her partner’s flaws or the problems in the relationship, be a good listener. Do not be quick to tell him or her to quit. Instead, act withdrawn and allow the person talk longer about the problems. The more the person speaks, the more he or she realizes the issues in the relationship and the need to break it up. Do not criticize his or her partner because it will appear like you have hidden motives.


Cater to Her

If you really like the girl and she is not happen with her boyfriend, you can get close to her and comfort her by catering to her needs a little bit. If she keeps complaining about things that her boyfriend does not do for her, start doing those things without changing your personality. Besides of listening to her complaints, act like the person she wants to be in a relationship with. Do not allow her to turn you into an emotional dump. As you do the things she longs for, she will realize that she does not need to stay in an unhappy relationship.


Ask for Support from Her Friends

Another important thing in finding out how to break up a couple is to befriend with her friends. If you think the girl you like is in a bad relationship, chances are that her friends think the same way of her relationship. Hang out with her friends and try to talk about her relationship without exposing your feelings about her or your intentions of breaking the relationship up. Her friends are likely to talk to her about breaking it up for the sake of her happiness.


Be a Good Friend During the Breakup

Be a good listener, friend, and a shoulder to cry on during the break up. Give your friend room to deal with and talk about the sad feelings that come with the break up. Do not criticize the ex because it may make him or her angry. Instead, look for activities that may cheer up your friend. No matter what is your intention, just wanting your friend to leave that bad guy or wanting to comfort her and be her good guy, be patient, let the sad story pass and then move to the next step.


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